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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on November 24, 2013    

SJC began in 1938 and is currently in Seng Kang. In 2002, SJC achieved a top 10 ranking for Value-Added Schools for Normal and Express streams.


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An IJ Girl's experience

I used to dread going to school. Who wouldn’t? Waking up early just to study and receive scoldings from my teachers due to some little error we committed. I HATED school. Of course, that all changed when I entered Secondary School…

I entered an IJ school, known for our blue pinafores and white blouses. I started learning subjects like Literature and Music, and I received such a shock from the difference in learning styles between primary and secondary school. I joined my school’s choir, and received so much love and care there, my hatred for studying just melted away. my teachers were loving second mothers, my friends and CCA mates loving foster siblings.

I felt like I was part of an entity, rather than some loner drifting through school trying to get it over and done with fast. It was due to the determination of my teachers, as well as my choir conductor, that I managed to get through O Levels with flying colours, leading me to be able to continue on with the next chapter of my life: entering NP’s School of Film and Media Studies as a Mass Comm student.

I really miss my secondary school, and although I have gone on to greater things, I would never be able to forget the wonderful memories I have gotten from there. You can take the girl out of IJ, but you can’t take the IJ out of the girl.

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CCA- Choir
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