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Bryan Choo
Listing created by Bryan Choo on June 16, 2013    

Montfort School's believes in "AGE QUOD AGIS" or to "Do well in Whatever you Do".


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My life as a Montfortian

Many of us remember the good days where we wore the same uniforms as our friends, and coming in early Mondays to Fridays, standing in front of the school parade square and singing the national anthem. I certainly do, and I recalled always looking forward to recess time just to take a break from all that studying and have a good bowl of curry noodles, or whipping out a deck of Magic the Gathering cards and have a friendly match with friends.

Then there were co-curricular activities (CCAs) that we also participated in. While most of my classmates preferred something a little sportier like Badminton, I opted for the military band, a mix of regiment and rhythmic notes. As a younger kid, music was my inspiration, and never once had I looked back and regretted playing the flute. Those were simpler days, and I definitely look back once in a while in dreamy nostalgia.

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