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Changkat started in 1966 and is located in Simei.


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Experience gold via ordinary platter!

Squats, muscles, uniforms, sobs. The list doesn’t stop there. My secondary school has it all.

I was previously an academic enthusiast coming from the top stream in primary school. Hence, it’s simply second nature that I yearn to attain a spot in those schools popular for their rocket soaring grades. Instead, I ended up being plopped in a school that was rather foreign! Changkat Changi Secondary School.

I remembered the first time my eyes laid upon it’s purple concrete walls. It was truly a refreshing outlook compared to my previous school. My eyes scanned the compound labeling everything there as foreign. The students there were clad in shades of white and green. Shirts were un-tucked everywhere regardless of race, language or religion. The words ‘ United Uniforms Mfrs’ were emblazoned at the back of those un-tucked shirts in bold red letterings. Words were insufficient enough to catch my attention though. I was even more captivated by how the uniform was even equipped with the uniform’s manufacturer telephone number! Why bother planting advertisements on websites, buses or televisions when there are walking billboards called students who are able to advertize their work of art themselves on their work itself; the uniforms? Truly brilliant!

It took me 4 years to unravel the true strategy though.

Those uniforms with the bold red letters and numbers at the back was actually placed there to prevent students from un-tucking them! Thinking it was too hideous to be displayed, they probably thought it was a perfect idea to prevent any students from un-tucking. Not! It added dashes of colour to the ordinary white uniforms. Furthermore, tucking in was a total fashion crime during that time. Hence, screaming numbers and names at the back of my uniforms did not hamper my participation in the tucked out society.

I also recalled my co-curriculum activity in secondary school. Crashing cymbals and rolling tympanis. Your ears heard no wrong. I was a military band member under the percussion section. Percussion equalized to dedicating hours that seemed like centuries, standing at the back of the seated band. I also had percussion to thank for the hours I spent transporting my percussion sets to and fro to differing venues turned out to be rather fruitful! I was able to defeat all my opponents when it comes to arm wrestling, even the guys. This was all due to the muscle that I had attained which is rather solid and hard on the arms. Miraculously, my biceps didn’t transform my image into a manlier one! The lady-like image retained. Those muscles are hidden beneath the quilt of my lady appeals.

Biceps isn’t the only form of muscle that was born from the days after days of band practice. So were my leg muscles. They turned out rather herculean though. The product invented called ‘Veet’ turned out to be my knight in shining armour. Literally. This product made my herculean pairs glisten under the scorching sun drawing in gasps of awes from all genders. It also shrank those herculean legs in ways biology thought was impossible. I attained those muscular legs due to the squatting sessions, which I was asked to do regularly. Never had I done a physical activity as religiously as this one! “Do 10 SQUATS!”, “ Do 50 SQUATS”. I was regularly greeted by these words whenever I was caught zoning into a zombie at the back of the band. Frequently. Thus, ankles and thighs began morphing into those associated with Hercules. Once again, I would like to emphasize the glorious miracle-filled invention called ‘Veet’. Try it. It worked wonders on me so why wouldn’t it with you?

Oh yes, the teachers! The name of my teacher slipped my mind but I remembered her brazen speech vividly. Rain made a symphony of pitter patter that day. Accompanied by the grey clouds, my school was cluttered with students clad in Adidas FIFA world cup jackets. Germany, Spain, France, we transformed into an international school. Did my school endorsed Adidas anyway? Nikes was absent. It was raining Adidas that day. I went Adidas-less though since the weather wasn’t freezing Antarctica.

Another person who went Adidas-less was my teacher. The down casted weather apparently made her the pit of all downcast-ness. The day was rather the usual routine with my friends and I contributing to the buzzing din. Some had their fingers wrapped around markers, doodling the plastic encased tables. Suddenly, my teacher whacked the table right smack in the middle. Then, she began her speech.

“ You all ah! The middle class. The class with the middle number. Your behavior also! Just like a middle child! So naughty! So playful! So noisy! So-“

Her speech ended midway when she began broke down, contributing to Singapore’s water capacity that day which was near it’s brim what with the pouring rain.

We, on the other hand, were taken aback by the outburst. We felt confusion and empathy began fusing into one. Slowly, we began mingling with her more in an attempt to shift her warped views over us. She broke down again! This time, it was cue that we had successfully swayed her. It occurred during our graduation and there was Kleenex near her proximity. She grabbed them and began shedding tears of joy intermingled with a sincere case of being heart wrenched.

Hence, these unique expeditions deriving during and from my secondary school are secured within my brain’s memory card occupying terabytes of space.

I could ramble more about it but the amount of words typed is treacherously approaching it’s 1000 word mark!

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