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They aim to prepare each student for the real world beyond school and equip every student with necessary life skills. They place strong emphasis on character development, leadership, community building and service


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I recalled several years back when I was a member in a military band. We had to collaborate and do a joint stage with the band members from an Australian high school and Queensway Secondary School. I was still a rookie then. Far from a professional player. The drum sets, the timpani and the mallets all still seemed foreign to me that time. Hence, I was slightly intimidated when the Australian and Queensway band performed. We were like lost and clueless midgets that paled in comparison to them!

The band members from Queensway was also a batch of amiable people. They weren't prowling around boasting about their abilities. Neither was there any aura of arrogance that emitted from them. They even taught me several instrumental techniques rather thoroughly, dripping with clarity. I was impressed! I still wonder why it didn't cross my mind to attain their mobile numbers or email accounts to enable some form of contact! Were handphones even invented already that time?

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Inspiring moments in QWSS

Purple skirt and luckily there are no purple pants. This is the school where the purple color gives her the unique identity. Even though that’s the case, this neighborhood school was never a school that I aspire to go to during my primary days. It was not even a school that was in my list of backup plan if I fail to get into the elite school.

Singapore society today has turned us to be such superficial and result oriented people who only care about fame. Until I slowly matured in QWSS where I realize that experiences and memories that I forged there were most precious. My teachers and peers, particularly, they are people who are humble and sincere. They inspired me to work really hard and my journey towards O level became easy. Ultimately, I scored and move on to my dream JC.

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Queensway, Queensway, long may she remain.

“Purple (my school’s colour, and quite unfortunately the colour of my uniform) is the colour of royalty, and we should act like royalty at all times, with class and poise. We must also remember our school motto! Success through diligence!”

Given that Queensway Secondary School was not one of my first few choices – fifth in fact, I would be lying if I say I did not belittle what my principal said. However having gone through the Queensway experience, I am proud to say that I am a Queenswayan, and always will be. For a school that does not take in the crème of the crop, I was blessed to be around adults who never gave up paving the right path for us, who did what they did because that was the only thing they could imagine themselves doing. Any experience will be enjoyable once you’ve made friends, but not every experience will humble you just like how Queensway had humbled me. She taught me how to be kind and how to behave.

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