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Listing created by Joanne on January 19, 2013    

With God in their presence, they strive to create a family of compassionate persons imbibed with integrity.


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A wonderful neighbourhood school

Secondary school life is the I-never-wanna-grow-up stage that everyone is bound to experience.

I attended Hai Sing Catholic School, which, despite being just a neighbourhood school, has great teachers and facilities, such as a fish spa. I loved visiting the library – its atmosphere made it a great place to hang out with friends and study for exams.

What really made my time there so memorable was the mischief my friends and I used to get up to.

Every morning, we would meet up and dilly-dally until we were 10 minutes away from being considered late. We would then rush to the assembly ground for the flag-raising ceremony, dodging sentry-like prefects on the way. Those were our 5-minute ninja moments. Ah, good times.

Till today, I still keep in contact with my friends, and it’s such relationships that make me wish I’d never left secondary school!

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


I've finally reached a milestone in my life. Receiving my 'O' level results was definitely the most euphoric moment I've ever had. As I reminisce my four years at Hai Sing, I can't help but sigh in nostalgia. I could still remember my frolicsome 14-year-old self staring at the clock, waiting for the hour hand to reach 1pm. At 1, my friends and I would saunter down the aisles singing our favourite song then - love story.

Every part of my school is of significance; the uneven stairs, the 'prata auntie', the mismatched benches, even the countless gardens which I, up till today, cannot remember the names of. Most importantly, Jaden was the core of it all. My exponential progress in studies was all due to his encouragements.

To live my secondary school life to its optimum was my wish four years ago and now I can confidently say I've fulfilled it.

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