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Fairfield was founded in 1888 by a missionary Miss Sophia Blackmore and prides itself for providing a holistic education based on Christian values.


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(Updated: January 27, 2013)

Holistic education

My time at Fairfield was utterly memorable simply because of the great company that I had there. Not only did I have a great time with my pals, I forged some lifelong friendships with like-minded friends whom I spend a lot of time till this day

I credit the school for inculcating in me a winning mentality. It was here that I learnt that in order to do well in life, not only must you be good with books but good with carrying yourself. I was given lots of opportunities to be exposed to public speaking, public performances and other confidence building activities.

Without being too much of an elite school, the school also gives its students a chance to connect with people from all walks of life.

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I miss this school!

I studied here and the experience was pretty good!

The teachers are wonderful. They won't hesitate to help you and they become your beacons of hope and light. I'm in JC now where the education system is more impersonal, lecture style and very professor-student like. I reminisce about my secondary school treachers, who really go all out to nurture you not just as a student, but as a person.

The classroom are very cosy, and once you get to secondary four, your life is comfortable because you get the first floor and air-condition. I always go there to study during my O level study break.

The people are kind and generally positive , but because 90% of the students come from fairfield methodist primary, they sometimes strike me (I'm not from primary) as a little closed up, having lived their lives under a wrapped-up christian environment. For example, they may - at first- find it difficult to understand people of diverse religions.

But do not let that deter you! The people in Fairfield are genuine, and the education is very good, so join us if you can!

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