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SCGS is a premier school, catering to both primary and secondary pupils. An advantage is that SCGS gives pupils 10 years to grow and blossom in their environment.


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I'm A Girl In Blue and I Ain't Blue About It

When I look back on the 4 years I spent in SC, they were truly the best 4 years of my life yet. Even though I entered as a non-affiliated student back in secondary one, it didn't take long for SC to feel like home.

The people you meet are extremely welcoming and the friends that you make in SC truly stick with you forever. These days, whenever I bump into a batchmate along the roads of Orchard, I could easily say hi to them and chat with them like as if we were close friends. Till today, my clique of 10 still make time for each other despite our busy schedules and the fact that 2 of them are currently studying overseas.

The road to O levels is a less daunting one when you have the assistance of kind, supportive teachers and encouraging classmates. I can never forget how Study Camp, a scheme implemented by the school to ensure students actually you know, study, helped me to focus on my work. They provided us with breakfast, lunch and dinner on days that we stayed from 8am to 8pm. I remember students scrambling out of the Spice Rooms if they heard that there's pizza or banana muffin. Honestly, if you had the option to go for Study Camp, GO FOR IT. I wouldn't be where I am today if not for that.

In SC, you develop a friendship with the teachers and you will seriously miss them once you leave. I still keep in close contact with some of my teachers and they've been so warm whenever I go back to visit (which is whenever I can).

If I could relive those 4 years again, from Spirit of the Class competitions to SYF to Bollywood dancing, I would. I am proud to be an SC girl and as the saying goes, once a kimgek, always a kimgek.

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Unforgettable four years

SCGS is a 115 year old full school steeped in rich Peranakan history and tradition. It was set up by several Straits-born Chinese men who strongly advocated education for girls and wanted their own daughters to attend school.

Having graduated from SCGS, I look back at the four years spent there and all the wonderful memories never fail to bring a smile to my face. Education in SGCS is highly academic focused, but at the same time, character molding and values inculcation is never neglected. Studying in SCGS provides an excellent combination of work and play, and the Talent Programme only serves to enrich the already well rounded education by emphasizing and valuing non academic pursuits like dance.

I especially miss the warmth and sense of family that SCGS offers to every one of her “Kim Geks”, and the atmosphere of love and care from both teachers and peers is definitely something not found in every school. The four years spent there were truly the best years of my life!

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Best Four Years of My Life

One might say that the education system in Singapore is too stressful, and there is no balance to work and play for the students who always seem to be exhausted. I beg to differ. Having currently graduated from secondary school, I look back at my four years with a smile on my face.

The school has always given the best education to us, the only way they knew how. Unconditionally caring teachers were the best educators anyone could ask for. Who said there was no play? I have gotten so many experiences from the enrichment program the school offered, especially from trips overseas, talks by working professionals and performances by both international and local artists.

Secondary school was the best 4 years of my life, thus far, and the friendships forged during those days would be ones that would last a lifetime.

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