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Xinmin aims to develop students to their full potential, to inculcate in them the right value system, as well as a mindset for excellence, and to nurture them to be responsible and caring citizens.


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No matter what, still my favorite school.

I graduated from Xinmin Sec and it was truly an unforgettable part of my life. It was a school where I experienced everything possible in my life. I tasted my first failure in life but at the same time, gained many friends who I still keep with me till these days. We had so much fun and joy; we played hard (simply just sports and feast like there’s no tomorrow), failed exams, flunked our prelims, but worked so hard together and improved tremendously in the O levels.

I do have to admit that there are people there who totally deemed us as “failures” and even “rotten apples?” like seriously, we totally do not understand why. Trust me, we are really the obedient-type students. At the meantime, there are the really excellent teachers. These teachers believed in us, taught us well and gave us all the time they had. Not only that, I have also heard and see many other teachers who are just as passionate. They really put their hearts into helping students that needs help. And I totally respect them for that.

The four years there was the best I ever have, a place where I have my many first experiences. I was also deeply interested in the Xinmin before my year though, as I heard even greater stories about her - how Xinmin transformed from an ah-beng school to where it was then. I do not know about Xinmin now, but I believed that in every society and schools, there’s bound to be the good and bad parts. Many times, it totally depends on each and individual’s point of view. The not-so-good stuffs to me may be the best in others’ minds and often are the best teachers in life.

Nevertheless, I still love Xinmin simply for what it is.

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Not as reputable as it used to be

Recently, I heard a neighbour, whose daughter recently received her PSLE results, complain to my mum that she wanted to enroll her daughter into Xinmin Secondary but was worried as its standard was not what it used to be.
Located in Hougang, Xinmin from afar is appears to be endowed with a Chinese heritage. With its Chinese name displayed boldly on one of the school's large majestic buildings, it inspires a sense of purpose, a beacon shining in the dark night sky.
I remembered when I received my PSLE results years ago, Xinmin Secondary was my dream school. Alas, my score was a few points too low, wiping out my chances. Friends who attended the school praised it for its inclusive culture, academic rigor and caring teachers. Since then, even though in terms of numerical cut-off points, Xinmin has started taking a back seat, the measure of the true value of a school is not by its cut-off points.
Rather, as Minister Heng Swee Keat has affirmed that every school is a good school, I believe it is indeed one. An economy has its ups and downs, it cannot keep on going up, which can lead to the formation of an unsustainable bubble. Similarly, parents should not merely use cut-off points as a yardstick to measure the schools' worth. Cut-off points will not go up forever, if it does so, I assure you lesser and lesser pupils will make it to secondary school, a bleak prospect indeed.

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The Xinmin Experience

Xinmin Secondary School is like a second home to me. Sounds lame I know; I mean, which teenager in his/her right mind would think of a school as a second home? A jail maybe, but a HOME?! However, when you think about it, as students (or even teachers), we actually spend more time at school than at home. Sounds freaky doesn’t it? But it is precisely because we spend so much time at school that when a school can actually be described as ‘a second home’, it’s a really good thing!

Xinmin proclaims itself as ‘A finishing school for leaders’, which sounds flashy and dubious, but is actually true. EVERYONE in this school is given a chance to take charge of something. Be it in the class community (with positions ranging from Chairman to Subject Representatives) or in the Student Council (President to Student Councilors), in the four to five years as a student in Xinmin, everyone would have held a leadership position at least once. The school also focuses a lot on its CCAs, and thus, there are more leadership positions available as well.

In fact, Xinmin has made such an impact on its students that many have even come back to serve it! There is an ever-growing pool of young, committed and passionate teachers in Xinmin (some of whom are Xinmin graduates), and this has led to better relationships between students and teachers. Lessons are thus more enjoyable, and the teachers make use of modern technology such as Facebook and Whatspp to their advantage. This was especially helpful during the study break for O-levels, as students could send any queries they had to their teachers or arrange a private lesson with them. An example of the commitment of the teachers? My biology teacher received more than a 100 messages each day, and she faithfully replied all of them. Wow.

Xinmin also cares very much about the welfare of the students. The school organises an annual feedback session, where students give feedback and suggestions to a panel of head teachers and the principal. And it’s not just for show, the school actually implements some of the better suggestions! For example, the hall is now air-conditioned, and so are the classrooms of the graduating classes (Woohoo!). Following the comment of a friend of mine, there is now also a limit on the number of projects and tests that can be given every week or semester, to avoid stressing out the students. Fun student-organised events are also held regularly, such as concerts, camps, be-yourself-day, movie marathons, night-to day run and Homecoming (students set up stalls and the public is invited), and all these showcase the talents, leadership and business management skills of the students.

Additionally, I would like to add that in my four years at Xinmin, not once have I heard of anyone being bullied. In fact, the bonds among the students/friends will last for a long time to come. Or at least I hope!

P.S. Hope I'm not scaring any potential students off with this, but though the school isn't racist, about 90% of the students are Chinese. I know, I have no idea why either.

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