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David Tan
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Founded in 1956, River Valley High School (RVHS) was designated as a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) School in 1979. In 1994, RVHS was granted the Autonomous Status (AS). In 2006, RVHS ran the Integrated Programme (IP) by the Ministry of Education.


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Entered RV at the meagre age of 12, and 6 years just passed me by. There were lots of ups and downs during my time in school, but it's still a place I grew up in. Throughout the 6 years, the school has seen 3 principals, and they all differed greatly in styles they use to manage the school. And so... I have gone through many groundbreaking changes of educational systems.

RV is an IP school, so you pretty much grow up with the same faces everyday. I made some really pretty great lifelong friends there, so that I can't complain. But because you don't have a switch of environment at all, it becomes really stuffy after a while. You don't gain fresh perspectives or meet new people, so you will subconsciously feel very comfortable in the same environment.

What I would lament about is that we are truly sheltered. To put it plainly, we don't know what's going on the "outside world" at all. We don't experience JC lifes (believe me, it's simply feels like an extended secondary school) and therefore we aren't truly exposed. And therefore it may be difficult for us to integrate into a completely different environment. Also, for those who know you wanna be in the arts track, RV isn't really great for you because we're rather sciencey.

But I still grew up here, and I miss school.

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Am I the oldest from RV here?

River Valley was where I came from. At my time, RVHS was not a IP but was one of the few SAP schools. It was also situated at Teban Gardens with its signature squarish buildings and facing the Pandan Reservoir where some of the PE runs were held there.

In the four years I was there, I met many friends and teachers and had many memories of the place whether it was my friends, my teachers or even my ECA (now called CCA). I still remembered fondly how my sec 3/4 class won almost all the competitions during the two years. It was to the extent that our class door was running out of space to hang the award banners. Some of the banners are still kept by me.

I would also never forget how white the uniforms were, and how black it became after a game of basketball during recess or after school and adding on to the screams of my mum when she saw the condition of the clothes. It was also difficult to forget the teachers there who put in extra time to help us when we had difficulties in grasping the lessons and how we were so ill-behaved that we caused a teacher to storm out.

To me, it was a place of memories.

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(Updated: December 13, 2012)


The past five years was something like a rollercoaster ride. It zoomed right past me, leaving me breathless from all the ups and downs I've experienced and now, here I am, somehow alive, intact and ready to face the last phase of my high school life.

From an ignorant prepubescent girl to who I am now, I was shaped by the laughter and tears brought to me by River Valley High School. I remembered the times where my friends and I would find a private area tucked in the corners of the school and chat for hours about everything and nothing. There were also crazy occasions where we light a matchstick in the lecture theatre, or sneak into the boys' toilet, just for the thrill of it.

One thing I'll definitely miss about RV is our amazing canteen vendors, who never fail to remember that I like my eggs piping hot!

Though there were stressful times, and definitely more of that to come next year, without any doubt I'm sure I'll miss my school extremely much when I graduate.

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Ups and downs

Being in an IP school means having to stick with the same bunch of people for 6 whole years; we never get a shot at making more friends or having an actual orientation as we transit from secondary school life to JC life. While the general consensus is one of "sian the same faces for 6 years", we actually treasure each other very much because there seems very little else we can hold on to.

For the last stretch of A's, I stayed in the school hall and it was quite a horrible experience. The hostel system was highly regulated, and students were expected to report to the teacher in charge by 10pm every night or face punishment. The food was also inedible and it just brought down my mood for studying. When A's was finally over, everyone felt liberated, but also a tinge of sadness. I guess we'll all miss school life with each other afterall.

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