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Anglican High School's mottos is to  aspire towards Holiness And Righteousness.


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The Clock Tower

On the tall grounds of Anglican High School, there stood the infamous clock tower (which ironically doesn't have a clock on it) which many feared for. It was rumoured that a female student had jumped down from the very top floor and the girl was later said to haunt the clock tower.

As a student, I always felt puzzled by the clock tower and felt as though there was mystical force drawing me towards it. On a random night, I found myself a chance to sneak in the tower to figure out the truth for myself. As I crept up the stairs, all I could hear was my own heart beating rapidly and my clumsy footsteps echoing in the background.

I was cringing in fear and excitement when I finally got to the top of the tower. To my surprise, what devoured me was not the dark or the evil but the breath taking scenery of the school grounds that stood before me.

Overall, my secondary life in Anglican High went on pretty smoothly and I really enjoyed the little adventures that i took on to explore the corners of the school (probably except the number of stairs that i had to climb as i went around).

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Holistic education

I attended Anglican High School for my secondary education. AHS is one of the few Special Assistance Programme (SAP) schools in Singapore and there is a strong emphasis on the Chinese culture in the school, even the school song was in Chinese!

I had many good experiences as I was attending the school. Most students were friendly and well-manner and some of my closest friends I have now were from AHS. The teachers were all experienced and are all willing to go the extra mile for students and are passionate about teaching. A good school choice for your child or yourself if you are looking for holistic education, especially if you want to be connected to your Chinese roots (if you are Chinese) or to learn more about another culture (for the non-Chinese).

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Everyone is devoted to Christianity.

Because of it's proximity from All Saints Church, Anglican High is sometimes open to the people who visits the church. I came here several times with my cousins, although I am not Christian myself. I feel that this school is just as holy as the church itself. There were lots of Bible extracts as seen from the walls of Anglican High. My cousins themselves are also very devoted to their religion, and they are from Anglican High.

Academic wise, I think this school sets very high standards for their students. I've done some of their exam papers and they were definitely not a cakewalk. Students who don't do well will have to stay back in school to self-revise. A re-test might be given for these students too. I heard all of these from a friend studying in Anglican high, as well as my cousins too.

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Anglican High is definitely one of the more traditional schools in Singapore. I distinctly recall the annual 'boy-girl-relationship' given by the discipline master early in the year. He always means well, with the hope that as students we would concentrate on our studies rather than relationships.

Also, the school has very traditional values. Loyalty, respect, righteousness, holiness, responsibility and the like. They are very important values, no doubt, but they are highly emphasized in the school.

The only thing I disliked about the school was probably my uniform. A completely white uniform isn't exactly very convenient, especially when it rains.

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