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The school philosophy is based on the belief that given the correct environment, nurture and motivation, every pupil can be developed to the best of his ability.


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More than half my life ago

It was more than half my life time ago that I studied here. Funnily, my memories of the school were still with me. I remembered for my Secondary One and Secondary Two, I was in the afternoon session. My friends and I got into quite a lot problems with the afternoon discipline master. In my secondary two, I was in class four and the discipline master taught class five so he would frequently passed by our classroom when getting to his class.

Actually I was not the one on his list but my best friends were and so whenever something happened, I would be with my best friends and we would be punished together. The most memorable was when we were punished to stand in front of the whole school during flag lowering ceremony. For afternoon session, the whole school would gather during flag lowering ceremony. Our punishment was to stand in the field, in front of the whole school. The only saving grace was that he did not specially bring attention to us by making any announcements so other students could only guess why there were a few "elites" standing in the field.

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Was once crowned as the RI of the East, once...

Lady luck must be smiling at me for I got accepted into Temasek Secondary, sometimes referred to as the RI (Raffles Institute) of the east then. Barely 3 months down the road, I began to realize why numerous outstanding students were being nurtured there. Not one day has passed without heaps of homework. More than often, completing the homework forced me to forgo my evening cartoons so that I can be spared of the humiliating reprimand in class the next day.

The new school compound lies right at the end of a stretch of institutes and very out of the way. There were only 3 buses available at the small bus stop, which was always overflowing with students when school ends. Students standing under the glaring afternoon sun since the limited sheltered space under the bus stop was already jammed pack was not an uncommon sight. When the bus finally arrive, it usually just skip the bus stop since it’s already completely occupied after picking up students from other schools which were located further up on the stretch of road. Guess I really hated the feeling standing there, waiting for a bus that takes forever to be able to board. My few buddies and I usually take the trouble of walking, sometimes even racing each other to the bus stops ahead just so to secure a possibility of boarding the bus. If SBS has not done a good job of managing the bus routes and timing, I suppose my school should have taken the initiative and approach the bus company out of sheer concern for the poor students wanting to go home, especially since the school’s motto is “We Care”!

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