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Zhonghua aims to nurture students to be passionate learners in pursuit of excellence.

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Four amazing years of youth in Zhonghua

I'm certain some, or rather, most of the people would reach a consensus that secondary school days (or rather, time spent and memories made during in the youthful years) are most cherished and valued - for their innocence and simply, the beauty of it.

I'm not an exception. Four, precious, amazing years spent in ZhongHua secondary school have been a life-changing experience.

The utmost dedication and effort the teachers place into passing on the intellectual knowledge to the students is endearing, and most essentially, the teachers generally teach with love and passion for their profession, forming cordial ties with the students and emotional attachments to the class. The education provided by the teachers lies outside the boundaries set by those syllabus and textbooks - valuable life values and morals are passed on to mould the students' characters.

The close friends I've made in Zhonghua are certainly part of my awesome schooling experience.
Their bubbly, gregarious and accepting personalities have allowed them to assimilate my flaws, and to accept me as who I am. The addition of these amazing people into my once mundane, and monotonic life was simply a miracle.

Last but not least, the conducive environment provided by the schools which includes the different facilities provided for students to conduct effective learning are important factors that have greatly aided in the crucial period where graduating students are all studying for the O level examinations.

Oh, not to mention - the appetizing, savoury delights provided by the various stalls in the school canteen had never failed to satisfy the student's appetites and have successfully catered to our varying taste buds. The vendors are warm, congenial and hospitable - adding a touch of friendliness which have made each recess a pleasant one.

My secondary school experience was in general, highly enjoyable. I'm sure I would feel nostalgic about those good, old days when I leave the school and pursue a new education tier.

I loved everything about this amazing school - the teachers, people, food, facilities.
What more could I have asked for?

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