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Listing created by delilah on November 20, 2012    

They believe that every KCPian is unique and by creating a nurturing environment grounded in Christian values, KCPians are capable to achieving their best.


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Fond Memories

I still remember the feeling of stepping into Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School for the first time in 2008. Despite all the fear of the unknown that lay ahead of me, I was surprisingly excited. The world had once again become a blank canvas for me to start afresh on.

Four years passed quickly like a whirlwind, and now when I stand and look back at how far I have come, I realise how much I want to go back. Back to the days of catching moths, sneaking food into class and gathering around the canteen tables laughing and talking about anything and everything under the sun.

If I had one thing to say about my experience, it was that this school had turned me into a better person. The teachers who cared for me, and the friends who had stayed by my side through thick and thin taught me not only how to love myself, but to love others.

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Hopefully not anyone's first choice...

For anyone coming to this school, I would highly recommend against doing so unless you are doing so with a friend. The facilities in this school are really nothing to brag about, which means that the only source of laughter of fun during recess you would actually get, is from a friend. The grass field we have is extremely small and unkempt. To make matters worst, it is not at all fit for playing football which then just really defeats the purpose of having a field in the first place. The ground of the field is very prone to flooding and every single time after it rains even if just a drizzle, the ground turns to mud. Several times we had to cancel P.E due to the muddy fields and from what I hear from my seniors, it has always been like this. In other words, the school has no interest whatsoever of fixing the field.

The toilets are no beauty either. The toilet bowls all look as though they haven't been cleaned since the 1900's, and smells horribly. The taps barely work, and the few times they do you either get a few drips of water at a time or Niagara Falls. The toilet paper is non-existent, and so is the soap. Before you say I am bias, I highly encourage you to go and take a look for yourself. Inside the soap container that is mounted to a wall, in place of what should be there,(it's soap just in case you really can't figure it out) we have water. That's right. Water in the soap container. At first I thought our school was so cheap that they wouldn't even refill the soap containers. I was wrong. Apparently, it was the students who are doing it. The staff in charge of the toilets are so lazy, that (we) the students have to prolong the amount of soap by adding water.

You think this is rock bottom? Have I mentioned the fact that on the first level toilet there is no door at all? Forget that on the other levels none of the locks work. The fact that the door is missing, should have already sent some kind of message to the teachers. Obviously I was mistaken. That door has been (and still is) missing since February.

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