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Students are the centre of their attention and they trive to prepare them well for their next stage of education.


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Life in secondary school

My secondary school days are unforgettable. I've made many good friends and have forged relationships that would last a lifetime. Now for one of my favorite experiences during my secondary school days.

One of my favorite events during my secondary school days would definitely have to be the mini world cups we have dying physical exercise. I call this a mini World Cup because of the intensity and competitiveness we play at it, I'm referring to soccer by the way. We start off by picking teams, this is where the better players stand out because we always get picked first. Then off we go. Tackles fly and tempers escalate. But the best part is that we're always friends again once it's over. After that, we change up and head for lesson. This is the most torturous part because hunger sets in and we're waiting for recess. My favorite stall was the Malay food, with its gigantic chicken wings that'll feed the biggest barbarians, the soft and aromatic rice which will pacify our hunger no matter when we eat it and the spicy yet smooth gravy that I always choose to top of my meal. Can you imagine the torture we have to go through just thinking of all this while in class, knowing that we're a good hour away from it.

This is just one of my memorable experience during my secondary school days.

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A warm family

I used to go to orchid park secondary school. It wasn't exactly a good school as
it’s facilities were mediocre. However, I guess it truly is the people within that matters the most.
The teachers are mostly friendly yet strict when it comes to work. It was the type of place one doesn't really think about, nor want to go. Yet after my graduation, I find myself being a little sad that I would never attend another class in there anymore. I guess it really grew on me.

Even though my school has no air-conditioned classrooms, the teachers are still able to give me the best learning experience through their different teaching methods that involve visual, audio learning and hands-on activities.

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