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Raffles Institution was founded by Singapore's founded Sir Stamford Raffles. The vision he had was to establish a premier educational institution which would serve the country well. His legacy lives on to this day for over 200 years, Raffles Institution has been regarded as the most prestigious school in Singapore.


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Raffles Institution Pte Ltd (most famous company in Singapore geared towards teens)

I can still remember walking into the halls of the great, esteemed Raffles Institution 3 years back, staring wide-eyed at the great crests and flags hung along the viewing gallery and thinking, "oh man this is so frickin' awesome I'M AN RI BOY ADWOAIFJWALFKJALSF".

In the years to come, I've realised just how wrong I was. The school, for all its esteem and grandeur and nefarious reputation (nefarious because apparently everyone hates rafflesians nowadays), is somewhat like a fake flower - pretty on the outside, dead on the inside. I can still remember all the times when I've gone berserk, terrorizing any poor soul in my vicinity with long, unending, hate-filled rants about how the school only cares about image and awards, that it's just a corporate place, that only the elite students and achieving sport CCAs get all the recognition and it's true!

For example, I'm from Red Cross. In the yearbook, it listed us as having achieved the "JM Fraser Award" (it's an award for Boys Brigade damn it). Now you sure as heck won't be seeing Basketball getting "Cricket gold award" or Rugby getting any gold awards at all. It's that bad but I digress.

I did have a lot of amazing, inspiring teachers though - in sec 1, I failed my geography test during the mid year exams and was all "screw geog omg i'm done with it" but my geog teacher began to really push me and I managed to bounce back to 65% for my overall grade. Of course, I messed geography up again the next year but that's beside the point.

There's also a lot of like-minded intelligent individuals, and I've lots of dota-buddies in RI as well. We're not all bookworms and nerds! I would strongly recommend it if you're not adverse to seeing politics and corporate branding being prioritized over actual education because you will meet many lovely people and get a lot of prestigious, rare opportunities within RI.

P.S. Not sure if other schools are any better though, so if you're some toddling little P6 kid with the aptitude for it, I'd still suggest RI as the school for you.

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My Raffles experience

Coming from a non-Raffles secondary school, I inevitably felt out of this place on the first few days of school. I didn't know what to expect of this place, and the fact that I heard several stories about the elitist mindset did not allay any of my worries.

Having spent two years in this school, my impression of it has changed nonetheless. In reality, not everyone in Raffles possess this elitist mindset, but there is admittedly a small group of them who simply think that they are superior over the entire human race, something that I for one am unable to comprehend. I once got chided by a peer for shaking my legs during lecture because she claimed that I was affecting the flow of intelligence within her brain!

All in all, I would believe that my raffles experience was a memorable one, the people there truly made me feel at home. The strong house spirit made me feel as though I belonged somewhere and was not just an insignificant individual. It is perhaps inevitable to experience the occasional elitist remark, I guess we all just have to learn to hang out with the right group of friends and learn to accept that are people who are simply different.

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