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 At Nan Hua they aim to develop each and every student to be a bi-cultural scholar who is confident, creative and cultured, with a passion for learning. 


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Horrendous School

Firstly, they say this school is an SAP school and with an high aggregate, THIS SCHOOL DOES NOT LIVE UP TO ITS REPUTATION. First, the students. In such the good school and with NAN HUA promoting good values in the students but the students can be seen foghting, bullying and cursing. THIS SHOULD BE A GANGSTER SCHOOL.Next, the library. During reccess the library gets noisy and it is necessary for people to keep their voice down but at the second floor which is the study room, everyday the secondary 2s will play soccer there with plastic bottles, throw things around and eat in there. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION? HAS THE LIBRARY BECOME A NEIGHBOURHOOD COFFEE SHOP??! If i rather choose between a neighbourhood school and NAN HUA, inwould rather chose the neighbourhood school.

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Warm Nan Hua family

To be honest, I really did not want to enter this school. My very first choice was RV, which obviously I did not qualify for. Anyway, when I entered I had higher expectations. Given the cutoff mark, I expected to see "smarter" people if you get my drift. I had difficulty navigating the lower secondary years, though, because the school was still incredibly competitive.

What I really love about the school, though is the people. We were really, the Nan Hua family. A close knit society. The teachers were very caring, and I never really met a teacher that was totally unreasonable. Another thing I love is the night study programme, which is mandatory for weaker students and optional for the rest. I opted to go, and it was seriously the best experience ever. I would always vote to study in school rather than go home.

I could go on and on about other offerings of the school, including Grad Night and prom, but the point is, the best thing about Nan Hua is the family and the warmth. Forget about the school opposite, enrol yourself here and enjoy the ride!

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Dear memories.

Cultural is a very apt word to describe NHHS. As a newly enrolled junior, I need to get used to 2 things fairly quickly. One, the girls have to tie their hair in 2 braids as a requirement. (where's the variety!) Two, this school is indeed a very chinese-speaking school. To further soak myself in their cultural roots, I've chosen to join the Chinese Orchestra (CO) as my main CCA. To be honest, I pride myself as a member of NHHS and CO.

Throughout my years in NHHS, I have accumulated simply too many memorable incidents to be penned down completely. I will never forget the times when my friends and I rush to play basketball every recess break. I will never forget the cheap 80cents chicken chop burger and sambal fish the western stall sells. I will never forget the teachers who relentless pushed us to success and who treated us to pizzas after night-study program. This last (but not least) declaration is important, I will never forget the friendship forged so deeply during my years in NHHS.

After leaving NHHS, I daresay every man and woman who graduated from this school is not a bad person at heart, no matter what subtle differences they had.

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

Great learning environment

Nan Hua Secondary has upgraded from being just a slightly-better-than-average secondary school in Clementi when I was studying there in the past, to a prestigious 'Nan Hua High School' after it attained Autonomous Status in 2006. However, despite this apparent 'makeover', the school remains as down-to-earth as always.

My teachers were usually friendly and caring, but would not hesitate to give me a hard time if they thought I wasn't performing up to expectations! I was just a typical kid who wanted to study as little and play as much as possible, but somehow I still did well enough in O Levels to enter a local Junior College, thanks to my teachers. All in all, I believe Nan Hua maintains a good balance of fun and hard work, and I would encourage students who live in the West to attend this school.

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A Special Place in my Heart

My secondary school experience was like a whirlwind of emotions, adventures and craziness. That was where I met my best friend, entered into my first relationship, got backstabbed by whom I thought was my good friend, and did crazy things like having a water fight with the boys along the corridor after school and throwing paper airplanes at my teacher. From a timid girl who just did the most terrifying thing in her life back then (taking the PSLE), I grew to be bold and confident with the help of my teachers.

Frankly speaking, studying was the last thing on our minds because secondary school was all about 'discovering' ourselves and basically, doing stupid things. Every single emotion and experience all made me who I am today. I missed those times terribly!

Despite being a SAP school, Nan Hua is really a friendly neighbourhood school at heart. The teachers were like our friends! (My ex-form teacher is now my friend and we go out often for meals!) They not only push you academically, but also support you in your extra-curricular pursuits.

In conclusion, Nan Hua would always have a special place in my heart :)

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