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Dunman High School embodies the best of thoughts in Eastern and Western philosophies to inculcate in students a system of belief that is proper, upright and moral in their pursuit of a formal education.


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Where Easts meets West

People have this preconceived stereotype that Dunman High is a traditional and mundane Chinese school, and its students are just "cheena" and rule-abiding.....

Nope, we are far from that! I remember that in my first year, the rules were kind of strict: No sling bags, no ankle-length socks, no stepping on grass (Anyone still remembers Mr Kiw's classic "草是有生命的" phrase?) etc, but the rules have since relaxed very much.

One thing I love the most about my school is the immense sense of camaraderie that is present in every single Dunman High Student. Dunmanians are one of the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met, willing to offer their help whenever they can.

I loved the orientations, level camps and overseas trips available for every student too! Kayaking in Malaysia, eating Xiaolongbaos in Shanghai, taking cold showers in the most rundown shower facilities ever during camps, learning archery and skating for post-exam activities.... those were the days.

Dunman High, the place where I spent an enjoyable and memorable 6 years of my life, where I forged my most important friendships, and where I created the most precious memories.

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Great Student Welfare

Dunman High School has changed tremendously over the recent years and I believe it is because of new leadership.

When I was studying in Dunman High, the rules were extremely strict and there were rules such as no sling bags, no ankle socks and you could only wear a specific range of hairpins that the discipline master would show us using the visualiser during one of our miscellaneous periods. It may seem laughable that those rules were in place but I thought it helped to keep the school in order and everyone had an obedient and good-student image.

Nonetheless, I have always felt that the student welfare in Dunman High was very good. They always ensure the best for you and the renovation of the school was the first step. Although I had already left the school before renovations were complete, I returned to see the new building and it really left me in awe. I am really envious of all the students able to enjoy these facilities now, especially the rooftop tennis courts which I think is a first among schools!

I also enjoyed the camps that were prepared for us every year as it was a great time of fun and interaction with the rest of the students in the level.

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Not Just 'Cheena'

Dunman High School has largely been known to the public as an effectively bilingual school, which cultivates students of great moral values. In short, a 'cheena' school, where students are taught to 'kowtow' to the giant Confucius. Personally, I do agree that the school is rather strict in regulating its rules and regulations. (Of course, as an older student, I'd say there are ways to evade the law...) However, the school does provide an diversity of exciting activities throughout the year, such as Kaleidoscope (a concert series), Bicultural Week, DH Research Programme Symposium, just to name a few. Not only does DHS provide much exposure to various aspects, it also does its best to foster a sense of family among the student body. Perhaps, the only downside to the school's culture is the somewhat unenthusiastic response from the students, when prompted with events to boost school spirit. Nevertheless, DHS has definitely been a whirlwind experience, and I look forward to another year here.

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