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RGS inspires every girl to carry on the fine tradition of excellence established since 1879. They built an institution that is today synonymous with a premier education for young women in Singapore.


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Wish I have never been there

Unfortunately, this is just not the school for me.
The teaching quality is pretty low. Most of the time, I didnot learn anything from the school. Most school projects are painful to do and not meaningful. So it was a waste of time in these 4 years. I certainly did not meet a teacher that makes my learning rewarding.
I wish there can be something more enjoyable in rgs, other than the cheerings, and constant chatting among girls, the desire to put on a grand display or the constant pressure to appear to be the best school in singapore.
To begin, I was not accepted into any sport cca or performance arts cca of my choice because i never had the chance to participate in these before i enter rgs.
This school is also definitely not for anyone who likes Mathematics, Physics. There are just so few opportunities. Life is so boring here.
I wish i've never been there. honestly.

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Mostly great 4 years

After I took my PSLE, my mom told me: "If you can get into Raffles, you may go there; if not, you'll have to go to Singapore Chinese Girls' School (SCGS)".

Being a student in SCGS Primary, the thought of spending 10 years in the same school horrified me. After getting my PSLE results, I applied to RGS and got in.

Of course, throughout the 4 years amongst the top students in Singapore (I barely met the cut-off point to get into RGS, making me one of the less academically-inclined in the cohort), I often complained about how I regretted going to RGS. Of course, I never meant it. My 4 years in RGS were extremely enriching and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Despite the average-sized campus, RGS offers us the best whenever possible. It gives us many opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and always tries to give us whatever is best for our education. RGS also gives everyone the chance to be a leader - with 3 lead boards and many other opportunities to lead (CCA Captains etc.), many of us have been given at least a slight taste of leadership.

Contrary to the stereotype outside of RGS, most of the students aren't "nerdy" - in fact, many are passionate about many different things and most of us don't channel all our energy into purely studies. While this is true, there is the inevitable competition between some, although it is usually not explicitly expressed.

As for the workload, it is, honestly, not very much - the school itself gives us few assignments and worksheets to do and much self-study has to be done in order to keep up.

Overall, I think RGS is a great school which provides a holistic education.

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Yesterday Once More - Reliving RGS days

On the bus home the other day, there was a distinct chatter, followed by bursts of giggles, from behind me that seemed all too familiar to be missed. Glancing around, I knew I could not be wrong – the pinafores, shoulder-slung bags and hopeful faces that met my eye affirmed that I was indeed once again looking at a reflection of my secondary school self– just a generation younger.

Taking a trip down memory lane, I fondly recalled the similar laughter and heart-to-heart talks with friends after school and the cheerful “Lai, Hello!”s from my favourite snack stall auntie that characterised my secondary school days, and realised how quickly time had passed.

I had the unique experience of being in the “guinea pig” batch of the new integrated programme at RGS, where we could forego the O-levels. Besides the usual adrenaline rush from juggling deadlines, CCAs and exploring our new limits, I will always remember the close bonds we shared with our teachers amidst the freshness and uncertainty of a new programme. The level of respect and empowerment given to students at RGS is what I believe sets the school apart, and what has instilled in many of us the leadership skills and confidence to dream big and challenge the boundaries of what is possible. Though I’ve since moved on to a new phase of life, my 4 years in RGS still remain a most treasured part of my life.

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Articifial cheering makes for deeper pondering.

Despite what many people think and assume, RGS is not affiliated with Raffles Girls' Primary School, despite them sharing a common name. The one thing I find unique, and quite frankly startling about this school is their tradition to cheer in deep voices, not unlike how men would cheer.

Hand signals are used to indicate the cheer used. Cheering not only takes place as a form of school support at inter-school competitions, but more importantly this unique form of cheering takes place as a traditional finale to all school events.

I honestly find that as team-building as that may be, it takes away the natural of a young girl's voice and makes her sound artificial, something she is not.

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(Updated: October 20, 2012)


The four years in RGS has truly been an experience of both ups and downs. I believe many already have their well-established ideas of how schooling in such a prestigious school might be like - I've been asked many a times whether the workload was "insane", or if it was "very stressful". Pressure will inevitably exist, given that everyone strives to do well and most of them do achieve their goals. If you don't, it can definitely be demoralizing and after a while you might find yourself both hopeless and helpless. So I'll admit, it's true, life in RGS is not easy.

I struggled throughout my first year, contemplating switching schools even several times. However, after you get over the initial "adaptation period" (likewise for everything, it exists!), you will find yourself making a lot of friends, building the Rafflesian spirit in you, and coming to enjoy school as time comes. As I reached upper secondary, I actually found an abundance of like-minded people, and I say with utmost gratitude that I have found friends that will stay with me for life in this school. Not everyone is a mugger; not everyone is superficial; and most importantly, unlike what most think, loftiness is actually not a trait of being an RGS girl.

So, if you're having second thoughts about entering RGS because of its people or competitiveness, eradicate your apprehension because the experience you will gain from your 4 years there is invaluable and you will find yourself coming to love the school by the end of your four-year journey

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