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AIBI sets out to become a leading supplier for various products to homes, schools, gyms and institutions. Their portfolio consists of Beauty, Health and Fitness products.

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I have specially taken the effort to log in to warn everyone out there to AVOID BUYING AIBI PRODUCTS. I am a working professional who recently bought an AIBI skipping rope and an AIBI exercise bike -- AND WITHIN THREE MONTHS, the skipping rope handles came apart (as if it were a pair of cheap counterfeit china made pair) and the exercise bike broke down beyond repair.

Customer service was rude and basically to cut a long story short -- the products were not refundable!

Excuse me AIBI im just an average guy who uses the equipment once a week for 30mins max and yet with such minimal use your products break down so easily.
I AM NEVER EVER BUYIN AIBI AGAIN. A total waste of hard earned money.

Buyers out there, beware.

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I had always wanted to buy a trampoline for my kids to jump on at home. The other day I was passing by an Aibi shop and saw that they sold trampoline. I went in to take a look. There were a few trampolines in the shop but it can be easily seen these were not products that they actively promote. Their main focus is those expensive exercise equipment.

Nevertheless, I still approached the sales man to enquire about the trampoline. I thought that I could get a trampoline for around a hundred dollars but the sales man actually showed me a trampoline that caused more than two hundreds dollars. He told me that instead of using springs, this new trampoline made use of bungy rope so it was even more bouncy.

Since they have both the spring version and the bungy version in the same store, I asked my children to try both. They told me the bungy version was easier to jump and it was more bouncy. The bungy version costs about three times more than the normal trampoline, even though it is better, I still need to re-think whether I want to buy trampoline for my children.

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Good if you need to keep fit!

I am actually a VERY lazy person, I can possibly lie on the sofa lazing around all day long. My dad finally decided that I could not go on lazing around and got me a bicycle machine from this place.

The machine resembles a bicycle, where you have to sit on it and you can adjust the level of steepness. You may think peddling on a bicycle is easy, but exercising with this machine is not an easy feat! I found myself sweating like mad after 15 minutes. Even my dad, who cycles frequently, found it challenging!

Surprisingly, using this machine daily helped my dad to lose about 10 kg! However, this was achieved through using it daily and for more than an hour! I guess exercising really does not come easy and you really need perseverance to achieve your goals.

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I like this place for their wide range of fitness products. I first learned about their products through a rather innovative advertisement on TV which made quite an impression on me.

They sell many equipments to cater to the individuals in the current society who are very conscious of their outlooks. They also bring to customers the best brands in health, beauty and fitness like slendertone, reebok and adidas.

Their different equipment suit people of different ages and for different purposes and are also aesthetically appealing. Not a bad buy.

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