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Adidas is a global designer, developer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories with the mission to be the leading sports brand in the world. Brand adidas is part of the adidas Group, a corporation that includes brands such as Reebok, TaylorMade and Rockport.

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Relevant & functional

Whether in recreational or competitive sports, Adidas offers high-standard sportswear, especially shoes and shirts. Not only are they fashionable, they also are very very functional and pretty long-lasting.

Whenever i wear their shoes, I feel super comfortable and ready to run, so it's quite awesome. And you feel like a sports expert when you're outside so that;s a social plus haha.

The only problem is that the more fashionable the apparel, the more expensive it is. Thankfully, the durability means that their shoes and shirts can last for quite long. So make a good one-time purchase that can last.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Never out of style

Adidas Originals was my favourite store back when I was in secondary school, when sports brands were all the rage back then. The 14-year-old me was ecstatic to be able to finally own something from the store, courtesy of my parents. Fast forward 8 years later (how time flies — sobs), Adidas Originals still captivates me.

Jeremy Scott has indeed performed and took the world by storm with the winged and animal sneakers, making Adidas products ever so desirable and chic. Now that sneakers are back in trend, perhaps it’s time to invest in a pair of those to-die-for kicks and paint the town red.

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Fashionable sportwear

For a sportswear brand, Adidas is surprisingly fashionable. I was at an Adidas Originals store in Marina Bay Sands just last month, and I was pretty taken by the racks of clothing in the store. Although Adidas sells sportswear, the clothing there is fashionable enough to be worn on the streets without strange looks from pedestrians. In fact, I once spotted a dark pullover in Adidas that had a cut out back, and this amazed me as cut outs were in trend at that time. Definitely a trendy sportswear brand to watch out for!

Recently, Adidas has been trying even harder to appeal to the young crowd. Collaborations with Jeremy Scott have seen adorable and quirky sneakers with wings at the side. Furthermore, Adidas seems to have gotten popular artistes like 2EN1 and Nicki Minaj to endorse their brand, and I feel that this conscious effort to reach out to its target audience has generated good response.

Clothing aside, many of my schoolmates also opt for Adidas sports shoes as their footwear of choice. Adidas sports shoes usually have bright coloured stripes at the side, so they can be pretty eye catching as well.

Adidas is fast gaining popularity among teenagers and young adults. The quality of Adidas sportswear are definitely remarkable, and the brand often employs use of bright colours to further emphasize on the youth spirit. I can definitely see Adidas being the new trend rage in a few years.

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A brand like no other

I have always wondered why the logo of Adidas is sometimes 3 vertical, albeit slightly slanting white bars and why sometimes its in the shape of a flower. Sometime this year, bingo! I think I got it, and it precisely was not the shape of the logo.

The originals seem to take the shape of ideas generated from Germany, the cradle from which the brand sprang from. And I've always associated it with the preliminary ideas churned by the designers. Virgin, untouched, uncontaminated.

But whatever the design, Adidas as a brand is indeed your friend, you can play sports in it, go out in it and even sleep in it. Just look at the plethora of items on sale, from water bottles to t-shirts to soccer shoes, the list goes on. Just don't go to a wedding visibly sporting it.

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greater bolder colors

Adidas have come a long way to where it is today. It is no doubt one of the top choices of sportsmen when it comes to shoes, accessories, clothes, etc.

What attracted me is that they're making use of greater and bolder colors such as pink, green, yellow, instead of the usual black and grey. Their prices may not be the cheapest but they are of good quality and make. The adidas jacket which i owned since 5 years ago is still in good condition though the design is slightly out dated. Seems like it is a good excuse for me to get a new one in a bright shade of pink!

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Think sportswear getting classy

And you will have Adidas.

Adidas was always a sportsy kinda brand to me, till I visited one of their branches in ION and was I surprised. Instead of expecting row after row of sports equipment, they had the cutest bags and fashionably chic clothing, all manipulating the Adidas logo, making it a trendy one.

I especially loved this heart shaped sling bag they had. It had a single Adidas montif on it and it looked weeping perfect. There was a matching shirt that was a heart spam, then a montif of Adidas emblazoned across. Talk about sports x fashion. There was a shirt that was Adidas x grunge and that was a great effort too.

Adidas can actually be trendy wear now. I am impressed.

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ION Orchard
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Looking Good!

Adidas, one of the major international sport store in the world that is always advertising on Televisions, Internets and Newspaper. Adidas have a great range of sports gears and fashion, which was always seen being wear by many sport stars, such as David Beckham, a major soccer icon. And the trend and new models of the sports gear are always improving from time to time.

The shoes are the main things that what people are always going to Adidas for, and as well as the commonly seen Adidas Cotton Jacket which was not much of a ' Sporty Feel ' but however the quality and the design was really very attractive, however the things in Adidas was quite over-priced as compared to other Sports retail stores. Most of the times, It was the brand and the trend of it which usually makes thing expensive, which is quite similar to Converse in a way of their over-priced sneakers for teenagers these days.

However you're paying more for a better quality and durability which is what most people would do.

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Adidas equals to perfect for me. They have the best sports apparels around. Perhaps their aggressive advertising has had an effect and everybody has been buying things from Adidas. For instance, they have been showing constant advertisements on television about their latest football boots and I feel that they have put it in everybody minds that it has always been "The New Big Thing". I was always hesitant about buying expensive shoes because I was afraid that they will wear out easily and it wouldn't be worth it. But when I bought a pair of soccer boots for $200+, I felt that I had bought myself something big, something amazing. Maybe it's the hype going around about Adidas shoes. How was the quality of the boots? It was great. My friends were amazed with the design of it and I felt fantastic about it.

Shoes aside, Adidas also sells football jerseys that have the quality and design that will make you feel like a proud owner of it. They also sell watches, bags, water bottles etc.. Overall, I feel that Adidas has perfected their marketing strategy and their products do not disappoint.

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Adidas Original is the more fashionable and sophisticated spin off from the sports brand Adidas. The three striped-logo has become such a fashion symbol that it is actually even a fashion statement by itself. I am very intrigued by the different unique designs that Adidas Original comes up with every time because it is always so funky and wild despite but still keeping to the Adidas style.

The shop that I visited at Marina Bay Sands was a little overpriced in my opinion. Perhaps it was because of the location of the shop, but the shop did have quite a few nice selection of goods to choose from. The store carries the classic clothing and watches with a few pieces of the latest collections and some collaboration pieces. It was small relative to the other shops that I have been to overseas with the special collections of shoes, so this was really quite a disappointment. However, I feel that it is sufficient to get the Adidas Original pieces for those fanatics because they do still stock the latest collections, which in my opinion never disappoints because well, its Adidas Original anyway how bad can it get.

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Not the best choice

I visited the Adidas outlet located in the over popular Marina Bay Sands in hopes to get some casual wear. From the moment I entered the shop I was greeted by the sales assistant who enquired if I needed help. I gave a rough description of the type of jacket I was looking for and he directed me to a section of the store which had the men’s jackets however I was unhappy with the choices the store had.

The location of the outlet maybe a problem for some as it is located right at the second basement, it may take a while to locate the store and it is highly recommended that you are aware of the shop’s unit number if you are specifically locating this outlet.

Honestly, the outlet had excellent customer service but lacked a lot in men’s wear and the quality/design of the product did not match the price of the product. The outlet did have a good variety of shoes which included sports and casual shoes for both men and women. Overall, it was a generally good experience and the staffs are very approachable however there is a poor variety of men’s wear and some items were pricy which did not match its make.

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Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes
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