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Blk 154 #01-416 Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore 550154
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Angel Sou
Listing created by Angel Sou on November 24, 2013    

Little Flower Pet Shop (LFPS) is a pet store chuck away in the crossroads of Serangoon street selling a variety of dogs, cats, and small animals supplies. They also provide grooming and boarding services.

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Monday to Sunday: 11.30 am - 8.30 pm

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Helpful store owners and great quality products at great price

Little Flower Pet Shop is by far the best pet store I have come across to get my rabbit's supplies from; from as far as I know, it has the lowest price for its products. It carries a large variety of products for dogs, cats and small animals and you can usually find the pet supplies that you are looking for (especially the big brands).

They actually adopts some of abandoned dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs, and they conduct an in-house testing of the supplies with their house animals to see how their animals take to it.

The store owners are more than willing to help and give you advice on the products as well as how to interact better with your pet, which is really helpful if you can get some expertise knowledge about your pet's behaviour (especially if you are trying to get along with your new pet). I always get helpful advice on which brands are better, for like bedding and pellets and my rabbit takes to it really well.

They bring in very fresh hay and they have discounts here and there, on top of the low price they are offering for some supplies which is really awesome! Pets do burn a little hole in your pocket don't they? So what's the excuse for not snapping up on additional discounts?

I love how their house dog and cats come to say hi whenever I drop by their store to get some supplies and I always ended up chatting with the owners briefly before I make my way home.
It is not just a simple transaction that I'm talking about, there is a relationship build there already.

It is a great pet store to get your supplies and you won't regret it! I promise.

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