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Qian Hu is an integrated "one-stop" ornamental fish service provider ranging from breeding of Dragon Fish, farming, importing, exporting and distributing of ornamental fish as well as manufacturing of aquarium and pet accessories and distributing them to local and overseas customers.

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Longkang "fishing"...
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A fish-tastic good time!

Qian Hu always has a place in my childhood memories. My dad is an avid koi lover, and I used to accompany him to the many fish farms around the area to hunt down his newest addition to our fish pond at home. In terms of prices, Qian Hu's prices for koi is slightly higher than the other less commercialised fish farms in the area. Thus, it would probably be better if fish-enthusiats hunt around the different fish farms for their fishes to gauge a more accurate pricing rather than sticking to one place all the time.

Other than merely selling fishes, Qian Hu also boasts of a plethora of recreational activities for all ages. This includes a fish spa, where customers dip their feet into the "spa" and have little cleaner fishes nibble on the dead skin on their feet. While I personally have never tried it before, people have told me it is actually very relaxing and healthy for the feet as well! If fish spas aren't your thing, there is also the option of taking a blast from the past and go lo-kang (drain) fishing with the kiddies! In this modern era, many kids do not spend much time playing outdoors, let alone going lo-kang fishing. I have done it a few times before, and it is definitely a family activity for all ages!

As for adults who are content to let their children tire themselves out "fishing", there is also the option of resting at the small seating space located on the premises! There is also a whole convenience store onsite, selling drinks and hot snacks like steamed buns so the family will never get hungry after going "fishing" all day!

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Educational experience

I am sure the name 'Qian Hu' rings a bell to most Singaporeans. I went there with my family on a Friday during the holiday season and I really enjoyed it. I remembered how relaxing it was when I reached there. It was away from the hustle and bustle and it is definitely a refreshing change. I found the entire trip very educational. I have almost zero knowledge about fishes, other than the fact that they have gills... they swim etc. I didn't know how fishes breed, the different types of fishes etc. It is an eye-opener to look at the fish nursery and how they fishes were being reared.

As the reviewers below me has mentioned, they also provided activities at a small fee. I saw many children catching fishes at the "long kang" (drain) area and it looked fun although I don't know if there are enough fishes to go around?? I would suggest parents to bring a change of clothes for their little ones in case they get wet. Transport here is a problem and if you don't drive, I would suggest taking the shuttle bus from CCK MRT. Staffs here are friendly and it is a nice place for a date or family outing! Just be sure to drink more water as it can get warm at times.

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(Updated: March 18, 2013)

A unique "fishy" experience....

Qian Hu is no stranger to most Singaporeans...just by looking at the wall of newspaper/magazines cuttings with the company famed EC/MD Kenny Yap shaking hands with this and that Minister, celebrities, awards and accolades...this company is indeed the poster boy of the local fish farm industry.

What's unique about Qian Hu Fish Farm is it's lifestyle concept. Upon reaching the venue, you would have love the ambience in an instance - the far away from city and laidback feel.

That's a spacious showroom holding a wide range of colourful and unique ornamental fishes for sales, aquarium accessories from A-Z, cafe, fish rearing nurseries and of course the children favourite - a "longkang" (drain) fish catching adventure and foot fish massage ponds. Of course, a fee is chargeable for these activities...just check out the rates at the cashier counter at the aquarium. Nets and a little bucket are provided for the catch. You can either return the fishes to the drains or bring them home...

The foot fish massage ponds should appeal to a wide range of visitors, provided they can overcome the itchiness of the nibbling little garra rufa fishes. The more intrepid can progress to an adjacent pond where much larger fishes the size of 1.5-2 times the length of your palm literally "scrap" your feet. May I caution this is not for the faint hearted. There are health advisory out there pertaining fish pedicure, stating risks of HIV and Hepatitis C through the activity. So give it a miss if you are not comfortable with this. There are other things to do at the farm.

For non-drivers, commuting to the farm is made easy from the farm dedicated aircon bus with daily shuttle from Choa Chu Kang MRT/Bus Interchange throughout the week, including weekends & PH.

Kudos to Qian Hu for making visits to a fish farm a fun activity.

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The fish foot massage
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Longkang "fishing"...
Koi pond...
Qian Hu main "actor"
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(Updated: February 19, 2013)

Relaxing and refreshing

I went here with my class for a field trip and I love it.

Qian Hu has a wide variety of fishes to just stare at and some of them are really unique and odd, making for some fascinating sights.

Besides the fishes, Qian Hu has a good number of activities to make the trip here exciting. My class went for the fish spa, which was an AWESOME experience. The fishes nibbling at your feet was at first terribly ticklish, but once you get used to the sensations, it actually gets very relaxing. After the fish spa, your feet will feel very exfoliated and clean. My class also went to catch fish which was an adventurous and, at times, a heart-racing activity.

The staff here are very friendly. The are always smiling and will make you feel very welcome among the fishes.

The only downside is the ulu-ness of this placfe. There is a shuttle bus but even so it's hard to get back to the MRT. Other than that, Qian Hu is a good place to go for those who are looking for a new experience out of the water.

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(Updated: December 23, 2012)

Part of my childhood memories

Qian Hu can be considered a place that encompasses an integral part of my childhood days. I visited Qian Hu many times with my family to look at the beautiful marine life. The fishery is humongous and houses such a wide variety of marine line, making every single trip a wonderful experience. I used to catch the longkang fishes in Qian Hu as well (you can pay a small amount and catch as many longkang fishes as you can within the stipulated time span).

It was such a wonderful activity because if you're skilled at it, you can catch a lot of the fishes and bring all of them home! It has been awhile since I visited Qian Hu and I wonder if much have changed. I hope it can still provide me with sweet memories the next time I visit it!

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Nice fishing fun

My children like going to Qian Hu, not so much to look at the fishes in the aquarium but to fish for their own fish from the longkang.

Qian Hu has a section for family to have good fun. The adults can go for fish spa and the children can try fishing in the longkang. When I first visited this place, it brought back memories.

I remembered the times when I would climb down to the moonsoon drain with a small pail and fishing net. There, I would try catching the longkang fishes.

The charges for catching the fish go by the hour. At the end of the hour, if your children do not catch enough fishes, the friendly staff there will top up for you so your children can bring home more fishes than the pathetic three or four my children normally can catch on their own.

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