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Lydia Hunter
Listing created by Lydia Hunter on January 12, 2016    

Nuttelex is an Australian butter brand, that makes all-natural and cholesterol free products. They are free from lactose and dairy, as well as not including any artificial colours or flavouring. They have 6 varieties of spread to choose from, and can be found in most supermarkets and health stores across Singapore. 


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A fundamental part of your vegan fridge

Before going vegan, one of the things I most worried about was, what do I do now for breakfast? I never really ate a lot of cereal, but the thought of dry toast made me wince. I’d never seen vegan butter in Singapore before actually trying to look, and Nuttelex is the most popular one that I have found in most Cold Storages and Fair Prices.

I don’t mean to sound this dramatic over just some butter, but this literally now gives me so many more options. Sandwiches and toast are now options again, I can bake, grease tins and do all forms of buttery activities, knowing that it’s dairy free as well as healthier than regular butter. Also, it tastes exactly the same as all other spreads that I’ve ever had. It melts really well and spreads easily, whereas some vegan butter I’ve had in the UK had a much less pleasant texture.

Small items like this really make such a difference, and Nuttelex is super practical as well as decently priced, and I know that this will always be part of my shopping list. Perfect for vegans or just those looking for a healthier alternative to regular butter.

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