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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on April 22, 2014    

Laser Flair is a series of DVD stores across Singapore. They aim to bring the latest in entertainment through genres of CDs such as English/Chinese movies, English/Chinese dramas, Hong Kong dramas, Korean dramas as well as albums of favourite artists ranging from classical masters to the latest KPOP group.

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Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm (Mon - Sun)
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< $20


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Literal brilliance

My first impression of Laser Flair is that it is simply too bright. Painted in white, with literally all its furniture white, the effect of light bouncing off these surfaces in abundance created a blinding impression for me when I stepped into the shop, both at the Nex outlet and at the Vivocity outlet.

Generally, in terms of its stock, Laser Flair does not have much in difference with other conventional DVD stores. It generally stocks english and chinese movies as well as dramas, and the price is standard. I recently bought 'Pacific Rim' from the Vivocity outlet, and it costed me $15, a price neither here nor there for a DVD. In terms of Blu-Ray discs, you can normally expect to pay a standard price range between $21.90 - $29.90.

One point where Laser Flair stands out is its tendency to import Korean albums. Whilst I am no KPop enthusiast (To be honest, I only think the female singers are really pretty, and my relationship with KPop stops abruptly there). However, these could be quite expensive, costing maybe $40 apiece, according to my friends' rants, which I shrugged off non-committedly due to my obvious lack of interest.

Well worth a visit, with the chance opportunity to land a good deal!

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