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#02-10, Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Ave Singapore 39802
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 08, 2013    

A local shop carrying india international brands in a variety of presentations - look for jewellery, accessories and other quirky finds!

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12 - 9.30pm
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< $50


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Not the best place for last minute gifts

I once had to spend 3 hours at Esplanade Mall doing nothing.

One of the panel speakers for Singapore Writers Festival was speaking at Molly Roffey's, but I got the timing mixed up and ended up there way too early. Not content to sit around, I decided to tour Esplanade Mall.

I have a money-bleeding habit of buying a piece back of pretty places. This one attracted me upon sight. I was in my indian-chic phrase (have you seen their shawls and gold accessories my god they're gorgeous) so I dropped in for a look.

The staff barely looked up from the counter and continued doing her stuff, which probably meant scrolling through Twitter, unless she was cleaning a spot on the counter repeatedly with her finger.

I looked around and the only thing that caught my eye was this exquisite, (hand?) carved bangle that did not have a price tag. And if experience taught me anything, an empty price tag means a hefty one.

I pondered about asking but she seemed more keen on cleaning her little spot so I left her. The shop itself frizzled out in interest factor after a while so meh. Not impressed.

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Esplanade Mall
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