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Haziyah Ali
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Kellogg's was made famous due to it's breakfast cereals. It attained international success and can be seen occupying a large portion of the supermarkets in Singapore, America, Australia and even Korea. Kellogg's highlights the crucial importance of breakfast as to which it'll supply us with the sufficient energy for the entire day. Kellogg's cereals include the original Corn Flakes, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, and more. They even provide diet bars and beverages. Singapore supermarkets like Cold Storagee, NTUC, Giant and Carreforre supplies these Kellogg's cereals in large quantities regularly. 

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The cereal brand for the sweet tooth and for the healthy nut

Kellogg’s cereal has been my family favourite for years. They carry a variety of cereal with different flavours, and there’s something to satisfy each family member.

Personally, I love their frosted flakes cereal. It’s sugary and sweet - just the right food I need every morning to feel energized and awake. The cereal tastes best with milk, and it has the right amount of crunch to it. Kellogg’s fruit loops are amazing too, and the vibrant colours make it perfect for an Instagram shot. I can’t taste much of the fruity flavours, but I like it all the same.

I like the plain cornflakes least. They are pretty tasteless, bland and boring to me. But I guess they are healthy and the crunchiness is quite addictive. My mom loves them, and maybe other health conscious people out there will prefer the plain cornflakes over the rest.

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My favourite breakfast

Of all the Kellogg's cereals, my favourite is the plain cornflakes, followed by Frosties.

Being one who wakes up very early for school or for training in the morning on weekdays, I usually don't have time for fancy breakfasts - but I have to eat in the morning or I'll get very hungry before noon. So my staple breakfast was evolved - a bowl of Kellogg's cornflakes with milk.

While there are other brands of cornflakes, I find Kellogg's the tastiest. I'm not sure why, but it just tastes very distinct as compared to other brands!

Many say the cornflakes are bland but I think it tastes simple and good - not too many complex flavours or not too sweet. Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, Froot Loops might be the better option. I think Kellogg's produces the best cereal which has become a breakfast staple for many Singaporeans.

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Kellogg's is a famous cereal manufacturer that has its roots in the US. According to my parents, Kellogg's was once a very popular cereal brand in Singapore. Now however, I think Nestle cereals are more popular. Interestingly, I also heard that many of Nestle cereals were once owned by Kellogg and Nestle simply bought those products over. Good to see that they have not totally disappeared from the shelves of Singapore supermarkets because I think their stuff are tasty and affordable.

I usually have their plain cornflakes which is just like any other simple breakfast cereal. However, I like that it comes in a huge packet which then I can slowly take my time to finish. I add it to my oatmeal for a different texture and taste, or I can also just have them alone with cold milk to have that desired cornflake crunch. Just because Kellogg's is a famous brand does not mean that they have a hefty price tag that accompanies it. I see many ValuDollar shops stocking Kellogg's cereals nowadays, so the cheap prices is definitely another good reason to get a box from them.

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Comfort snack...

I'd always associate Kellogg's with cornflakes and Frosties (which were cornflakes coated with sugar frosting). I hated cornflakes for being bland as a kid but tolerated Frosties. A couple of nights ago I watched the documentary How Sex Changed the World and learnt that cornflakes were first invented to reduce boys' sexual appetites. Not too sure if it is really all that through, but looking at the kind of "appetite" that I have now and the fact that I didn't eat much of cornflakes, there must be an iota of truth in it.

Of all the cereals that they have, my personal favourite is Froot Loops. I honestly have no idea what makes me love them so much. They are just boring, coloured loops with fuity flavours but they, to me, taste comforting. Maybe, it's the polar opposite of cornflakes. They are designed to build up an "appetite".

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Kellogg's Cornflakes!

Yum yum Kellogg's. The one cereal that I associate with Kellogg is their cornflakes. The plain ol' Kellogg cornflakes that everyone has had at some point of their life. Cornflakes from Kellogg is like the Milo in the chocolate beverage world. I really like Kellogg's cornflakes for the nostalgic taste and how fragrant and thin they are. I am not a person who likes thick cornflakes. These cornflakes are light and soak up milk easily!! Cornflakes and milk is one of my favorite combination for breakfast. If you are not a cornflake person, this brand has other options like Froot Loops. I haven't tried Froot Loops though, because I think of it as a Trix knockoff. I've had Trix and I love the happy colors!!

The best thing about Kellogg is that you can find them at most major stores and supermarkets and they are really affordable! Easy and convenient to eat as well. I have never had any unpleasant "Surprises" in my cornflake box so it's very hygienic as well. Go grab a box of Kellogg's at your nearest supermarket now!

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