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#01-61, Hong Lim Complex 531 Upper Cross Street Singapore 050531
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A one-stop shop service to promote tea culture locally.

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Widest Range of Chinese, Taiwan and Japanese Tea Leaves in Singapore

Of all the Chinese tea shops in Singapore, Wang San Yang has the widest range of teas available. Other than Chinese teas, they also stock Taiwan tea, Japanese teas, herbs and flowers. They have branches in popular shopping malls like ION Orchard and Vivocity, which makes it very convenient for shoppers to buy tea leaves. I am impressed with the company's aggressiveness in venturing into ION Orchard and Vivocity, given that Chinese tea drinking using whole leaves is not popular in Singapore. I think they need to do more to promote the Chinese tea drinking culture to make it hip especially for the younger and more trendy consumers.

Their operations costs like rental and manpower costs (they offer tea sampling services!) are high, and this is reflected in their prices. They not only offer a wide range of teas, they also offer the same teas with different grades. Hence, if you are cost-conscious and can't taste the difference between an expensive tea and its lower-grade sibling, go for the lower-grade version, which is usually affordable and surprisingly, still considered good quality tea.

Wang San Yang sells their Chinese teas in two types of packaging--in a cardboard container or in a zip-lock opaque bag. The tea leaves sold in zip-lock bags cost $3 less than the same tea packaged in cardboard containers. It is more cost-effective to buy the tea in zip-lock bag because you can always visit Daiso (which also has branches in ION Orchard and Vivocity) to buy a $2 tea canister or metal container, if you don't already have one. The $2 Daiso tea canister can be reused unlimited times, unlike Wang San Yang's cardboard version.

Another way of getting lower-priced teas from them is to look out for the older tea leaves, not the post-fermented teas like Pu'er or Liu Bao, but the green teas or yellow teas. This is because post-fermented teas are best drunk aged, so the older these teas get, the more expensive they become. The green teas and yellow teas, however, are better drunk fresh, hence Wang San Yang gives discount off their older stock. For teas that are near their expiry dates, you can expect up to 50% discounts. I help the company to 'clear stock' by buying these near-expired tea leaves, because I consume them rather quickly, and also, by keeping these near-expired tea leaves in airtight and opaque tea canisters, I prolong their fragrance and their shelf life.

Their service is also excellent. Their staff can teach you some basics in Chinese tea ceremony (a quick one, not the full course!), provide tea-sampling services, and help you find the appropriate teawares. I bought a very beautiful zisha (purple-clay) tea set from them. I use it to steep and drink pu-er tea at home, and the tea fragrance emanating from the teapot is simply heavenly! And my tea set is not even of those high-end types that cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!

I consider Wang San Yang to be a very well-run company providing good-quality tea leaves and teawares to consumers at affordable prices. I hope they do well and can continue to serve the Chinese tea drinkers in Singapore in the years to come.

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