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KME has been dealing with wholesale and retail for more than a few decades in this emerging market. They supply on crystals, seashells, jewellery accessories, findings, pearls, pattern books and even assorted beads from Prague, Warsaw, Nepal, Korea and Japan.

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(Updated: October 24, 2012)

Bead it, just bead it...

I used to go to the Koi Ming on North Bridge Rd near City Hall MRT to buy wholesale bagfuls of plastic beads. Apparently, there is a big enough demand in Singapore for KME branches to pop up at various heartland locations. These smaller satellite shops cater to hobbyists and carry a limited selection of KME’s vast array of beads, bling and handicraft paraphernalia.

Very nerdy / auntie to do these beadsy craftsy things, but trust me, it is very cathartic. Cheaper than psychiatrist appointments and Prozac prescriptions.

KME has books on bead craft for beginners, or just go online and watch an instructional video on Youtube – it’s not as difficult as it looks!

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(Updated: July 11, 2013)

Haven for hobbyists

This is the place for you if you are interesting in crafts involving beads and swarovski crystals.

Crystal 'N' Beads retails a wide selection of both beads and swarovski crystals. Definitely less affordable than if one were to purchase from Arab Street, the shops are however located conveniently near MRT stations or in shopping centres so one can save on time and money that you would have spent on travelling. The store assistants are all very helpful with knowledge of the craft and are able to assist in making decisions on which products to purchase. An advisory though, always go with a set budget because one can get too enchanted with all the beautiful beads and knick-knacks and end up spending a little too much! Otherwise, just have fun!

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Great place for DIY-lovers!

I love creating my own jewellery, as I can personalise it to best reflect my style. DIY is my hobby, and I’m always looking forward to creating new pieces inspired by the latest trends. However, living in the East makes it difficult for me to get new materials, as there aren’t many shops around here that sell findings for jewellery-making. Thanksfully, I came across Crystal ‘N’ Beads, conveniently located at Tampines MRT!

Despite being on the small side, this store has a wide range of chains, beads, charms and whatever findings you might need. It even sells books on beadwork, so there’s something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a professional, or just dabbling in some handicraft. The assistants are friendly and always on hand to help. Furthermore, they’re really knowledgeable, and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for (yes, even if it’s based on your rough description!)

Crystal ‘N’ Beads often brings in new stock, and I was pleased to find out that they have been importing ceramic beads and findings from Japan, which are more intricate in detail. They also carry Swarovski crystals, so it’s great to know that you have almost everything at your fingertips. So for all of you DIY junkies in the East, this store is definitely worth checking out!

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Wide range of findings, beads and charms!
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An Exploratory Journey for bead lovers

My first encounter with KME was at its South Bridge Road branch some time last year, when a craft-savvy friend of mine was looking to make some accessories for her sister's wedding.

Though I'll have to admit that I'd never had much talent in handling such knick-knacks, the overwhelming variety of glistening beads of various sizes, coupled with the simple yet elegant showpiece designs in the glass cabinets, certainly sparked in me a secret desire to someday to create my own worlds from these little beads.

After recently hearing of a new branch "Crystal N Beads" opened at Jurong Point, I decided to make a short visit to the place, just to whet my curiosity.

Despite its bright lighting and well-organised layout that made a most welcoming ambience, I was a little surprised that the shop was a bit smaller and lacking in variety than I had expected (then again, that was probably because I had viewed a few of other wholesale bead shops along South Bridge Road before coming here.) Nonetheless, the quality of the crystals and beads definitely seemed consistent (or even of more stringent quality) compared with the main store, and the range of beads and materials seemed comprehensive enough to start a whole series of simple beading projects already, from key chains to designer earrings.

Of course, the relatively higher quality, designs and prices offered by "Crystal N Beads" is definitely a little intimidating, especially for starters like me (who eventually settled for getting clay beads from elsewhere!). Nonetheless, I've found that a walk through the shop could still prove to be an eye-opening experience of understanding the possibilities of this area of craft and one where both the experienced and experimenting beader can gather much from.

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Conveniently Located

What I like about this shop is their wide selection of handicraft books, some of which you can browse, while others are wrapped up. I have often succumbed to temptations and bought a few of these handicraft books and they never disappointed me. The books are usually in full colour and the steps are easy to follow and the crafts, fun to do. I am glad that there is this shop selling it in Tampines because otherwise the nearest place to find similar books would be Kinokuniya.

Their selection of beads is not the widest, but enough for simple projects. They do have a large range of Swarovski crystals in different shapes and quantities which you can browse at your own leisure though. They also have all the basic findings which you will need for all your simple craft projects. Other interesting items include bead stands, decorative boxes and cute clay molded beads in the shapes of cakes and other sweet treats.

They also have a membership were you can collect stamps for your purchases above a certain amount, although you must spend quite a lot to redeem anything. If you are an avid beader this might work for you.

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For girly that loves to make their own accessories

I've been to Crystal 'N' Beads quite numerous times to get my jewelry findings as I make my own accessories during my free time.

To start of with the positive comments, Crystal 'N' Beads does sell a variety of different kinds of crystal beads. One would definitely be able to find the type they like.

However, I'm not into the beady accessories, thus I do not usually purchase their crystal beads. Usually I would buy their findings such as cord ends, eye pins, gold chains, etc.

However, their items can be really pricey. I assume that it is because they are located in a shopping mall and thus having the need to cover their retail rent. Despite the fact that they do sell a large variety of crystal beads, for those that are not into the beady accessories, you can hardly find any interesting things in it. Actually, majority of the times, I am unable to find the exact materials that I want. Thus, it is quite limited with its items too.

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