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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 05, 2013    

98.7FM was formed in 1989. It was originally known as Perfect 10. They scrapped that name after discovering that a pornographic company elsewhere has the same name. Hence, they're now known simply as 98.7FM. 98.7FM blasts top 40 hits from America and Europe regularly. However, they do play local artists songs once in a blue moon. The DJ line ups currently includes Bobby Tonelli, Rosalyn Lee, Justin Ang, Vernon A., Divian Nair and Dee Kosh. These DJs are said to be an ecstatically dynamic bunch who will feed fellow listeners with the latest gossips, music release, contests, interviews and even hilarious pranks.


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9,8,7 9 in a row

Being more of a Youtube enthusiast, I found really little time for the radio except while driving. Even then, 98.7FM was rarely on my list. I felt that in terms of audience appeal, 98.7FM was not specifically geared to youngsters like me but instead to all age groups in general. Now, that is quite a good strategy to broaden your listeners but does not encourage loyalty of radio listeners who'll automatically tune in to the radio station everytime. (I'm more of a loyal fan of kiss 92FM)

I like the programmes on 98.7FM though. To be honest, it was a bit irritating in the mornings when the DJs got into 'wake-up' call mood as it reminded me about how I was not pre-destined to have a sleep in on my comfy bed in the morning. But as the day progresses, you find that 98.7FM reports pertinent news, not to mention frequent traffic updates that helps me while i'm driving (so that I know which roads to avoid). Moreover, their festive season shows are fabulous, and I especially love the New Year Countdown just 3 weeks ago. Taking the New Year Countdown as an example, the programme was humour ladled, interesting and insightful. Not to mention the friendly voices of the DJs (A shoutout to Sonia, whom makes broadcasts lifely and interesting!) . Whilst the radio station is not more of a 'song-geared' variety, they play good hits from the UK and US, which I found was quite acceptable.

Worth taking some time to listen to the station!

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Who doesn't remember The Honky Tong Man?!

I have been listening to 98.7fm ever since I can work the radio when I was younger. It is by far, the only radio station that intrigues me and keeps me glued to my ear phones every single day. It was the show 'The Ego Trip' that kicked start my habitual radio listening which is then followed by shows like the 'Dan and Young Show', 'Shan and Rozz show ' and 'Muttons at Midnight'. It was the characters like Simone, The Honky Tong Man, and The Godfather that made the difference.

Although DJs have joined and left 98.7fm over many years, it was the only radio station that I have stucked on with.

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Funny Local Radio Station with the latest Hits

"987 please, Mom." Me and my sister never fail to request for the radio to be tuned into 98.7 FM whenever we get into the car. From hip hop beats to more mainstream songs, 98.7 keeps track of all the newly released songs by American Artists and plays all the newest hits in Singapore. While my mom complains about the songs being noise and changes it - on a freuqent basis - to 92.4, me and my sister on the other hand love to listen to the latest hits and groove into the beat.

One of the favourite parts of listening and tuning in to 98.7 is the top 10 count down every weekend and at the end of the year the top 100 countdown. This keeps us excited about which song has managed to bag the top spot for the week - some weeks we cheer like hooligans in the car when our favourite artists make it to the top 10 and others, we sulk grumpily when an annyoying song manages to beat one of our favourite songs up to date.

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Frankly speaking, I liked 987 the best when Shan and Rozz were partners on the show. I always thought they had the best chemistry and that came out in their witty banters and mock quarrels. Sadly, Shan left 987 for Bali to do business, I think, and even when he finally returned to Singapore, he joined another radio station instead. Right now, Rozz partners with Bobby Tonelli in the morning segments, which I find to be decent but not as engaging as Shan and Rozz.

987 is quite a popular radio station amongst Sinaporeans and they regularly are official radio stations for movies and the like. Hence, they sometimes have a tad too many advertisements and talking for my liking and too little music being played! However, if you are the kind who loves listening to witty DJs chatter on, I think 987 is a good station due to excellent DJs like The Muttons and Dee Kosh, one of Singapore's most prominent YouTubers. The Muttons offer slapstick humour and commentaries, while Dee Kosh is more of a critical person who isn't afraid to air his sometimes controversial views.

Overall a great channel worth listening to.

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Witty DJs
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The only reason why I listen to 987 is because of The Muttons. If you don't know who they are, no, they are not mutton meat, neither are they a pair of goat DJs. They are made up of Justin and Vernon and they are soooo funny I specially tune in just to hear them. The reason why they are so funny is because they are ridiculously good at parodies. If you are someone who gets offended easily, you probably will not enjoy their way of talking but if you are looking for a great light-hearted laugh, this is the station to tune in! They make fun of celebrities and local gossip. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. Lame cold jokes are a trademark of the muttons as well.

Songs wise, I don't really fancy the songs played in 987 so after The Muttons, I usually switch the radio off or tune into another station (99.5 or 92.0). Their songs are mostly mainstream songs, teeny bopper songs (lots of taylor swift, selena gomez and the like) and songs that I don't know and don't really enjoy. That being said, music taste can be quite personal and do tune in to find out if you really like them! It's free anyway :)

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