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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

The only English news-talk radio station in Singapore with news updates every half-hour between 6am and midnight. There are also business and sports updates at various times of the day.


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(Updated: March 01, 2013)

Informative and engaging

I don't really listen to radio stations unless I get tired of the songs on my playlist, but this is one station I religiously tune in to, not only because of their accurate news updates but also because of the songs they play.

I was first introduced to this station shortly before my work shadowing program began. Since this was one option on the list, I decided to check it out for myself. And went on to do my work shadowing with them.

Having read one of the earlier reviews, I now understand why a news announcer offered to let me try doing the news on air. I didn't believe my luck at first and didn't have the guts to try, but having read that the news announcers actually do allow on-hand experiences, I now regret that I didn't try it for myself. Still...

Maybe it's because I've done it myself, but I realised that the station was not all about boring news - it's also about interesting facts and fun quizzes that listeners can enjoy whenever and wherever they are. I enjoyed writing some of the fun facts and quizzes during the work shadowing program then, and as a listener now, I enjoy participating in the quizzes and discovering facts that I never knew.

Unlike most other shows I've tuned in to, the discussions they hold are also very intriguing and offer me insights into various issues that I might not otherwise have thought about - that probably helped with my GP back in JC days.

I'm grateful for the chance to have done my work shadowing with them then as it an eye-opening experience to the field, and I'm now thankful to have been introduced to this station and will continue to learn more every day.

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Captivating youngsters

I used to listen to 938 live all the time when I was studying for my Olevels. I vividly remember once during a study session, because the radio was on throughout, my friends and I were able to complete this quiz that required listeners to listen to the station for a prolonged period of time. Trying our luck, we called in and whoala! We won $50 cash!

Even though that incident made me love 938 live even more, I was already a loyal supporter to this radio station because it played trendy music with few commericals and kept up with the times. Even though I have since moved to Kiss 92 because I want to support a local radio station ( and they play really awesome music all day), I remember the times I had with 938 live and am glad for it.

I would never have been able to get through the long days of studying if not for the entertainment it brought. Thank you 938 live!

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Engaging, Enriching and Gainful

Listening to 938 live is an engaging, enriching and gainful activity.

I habitually tune in to 938 live almost every morning is not only because it keeps me abreast of the latest local and international news but it also allows me to better discern opposing viewpoints on various local issues brought up in "Talkback". I have learnt a tremendous lot about how government policies can differently affect the lives of my fellow Singaporeans from different strata of society.

While I understand the essentiality of LTA traffic reports to motorist, I do wish that they could cut down on the frequency they do their reports so that programs are not interrupted too many times.

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Cool radio station with lots to offer.

Although I don't really tune in to 93.8FM, my dad usually does, and it's the default radio station whenever he starts his car. aside from providing live news updates and news on the go, I didn't that their song playlists are quite cool as well.

I find that their songs are quite suitable for a long drive and quite soothing in a traffic jam. Their deejays are fluent in language and show quickness of mind whenever they horseplay. I'm surprised that they haven't won many awards, but I'm sure it's sue to the fact that many people are still unaware of their quality programming.

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More than just the traffic report

I used to have the perception that 938Live is like the news at 930pm, only an audio version of it. I could not have been more wrong. It is a station that's much more than that, take away the traffic and breaking news reports, and you got yourself an educational platform. Tune in every afternoon, and you will get to hear up-and-coming entrepreneurs sharing their views about business and finance. From talk shows that discuss local trends (such as the maid and NSF incident) to guessing games, it is an extremely interesting radio station indeed. Don't be fooled into assuming it's nothing if boring.

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The only english news channel supplying all the updated radio news, it must be pretty pressurizing for the reporters and back stage crew alike. Having to put together the news in such a short period of time and to report it so as to keep the nation updated, I am truly impressed with the work rate and the consistency of the channel.

Listening to the news in the morning is really such a refreshing breeze as I would not have to hover my head within the papers in my sleepy state just to get the headlines of the day. I appreciate the summaries that the radio station provides because it is simple, straight to the point and at the same time informative. Traffic conditions are also frequently being broadcast, hence making it easier on the roads so as to avoid the traffic jams. I find it amusing at times when I tune in at unorthodox hours, as I would usually find myself listening to amateur news announcers on air. Although they are not too bad, they tend to fumble quite a lot and it does make the whole channel seem a little unprofessional as the stability of the radio broadcast is not kept throughout the span of the day.

That being said, being on air live is sure pressurizing. In addition, having to articulate and enunciate the news for such long periods of time would definitely be taxing. Hence, the channel has really done a great job in maintaining its composure to constantly keeping the nation updated.

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