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Caldecott Broadcast Centre Radio Building Andrew Rd Singapore 299939
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

X FM 96.3 is the only radio station that specialises and caters to the expatriate communities in Singapore. It comprises music and programmes in French, German, Japanese, Hindi and Korean.


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I found XFM 96.3 by coincidence, and love it! I found out that they are pretty much like an international radio station. And the best part? They are the only station in Singapore with a mix of Japanese, Korean, French, German and Hindi programmes. And I like that unique feel it gives.

Honestly though, the most frequent time-slot that I listen to this station is from 8pm to 10pm. And I think it’ll be nice if they’ll extend the time-slot though…

Anyway, I love the idea of non-stop music (at least during 8-10pm) and the idea of playing k-music popular among Singaporeans these days. It’s a great idea to listen to the channel to unwind and relax especially after a long day at work or at school.

The music interlude is also very soothing and enjoyable too! Definitely recommended as a mode of relaxation!

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

A taste of every country.

A friend introduced me to XFM back in 2010, prior to which, I've honestly never heard of this radio station. But who could blame me, the station plays music from different countries at particular timings and to be honest, the only time I actually listen to this station is between 8pm to 10pm when they play the various hits from Korea... yes yes another typical KPOP fangirl right here.

The good thing about this radio station is the lack of a DJ(at least during the 8 pm to 10pm slot ). Sure I appreciate how some DJs go out of their way to help us relax after a long days work by cracking jokes and holding various competitions. But sometimes, all we really want is just to listen to non-stop music from our favourite genres without having to listen to someone drone on and on about a topic that we may have no interest in.

For those keen on listening to their favourite non-mainstream hits, this is the station for you. But do visit their website to find out the timings for the various programs but if you're keen on exposing yourself to music from different countries, just tune in to this station and you'll definitely be more than satisfied.

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