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Caldecott Broadcast Centre Radio Building Andrew Rd Singapore 299939
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

Lush 99.5 FM is a radio station which plays a distinct brand of music, consisting of Chill-Out, Urban, Vocal Jazz, Nu Grooves and Deep House.


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Time for a change

As the name of the station suggests, I always had the impression that this was a station that promoted the jazzy and the chill - songs that would be perfect for anyone wanting to listen to a relaxing tune and just calm down.

My impression was right - most of the songs that they play here are less noisy than those of 987 with the crashing backing tracks and the loud basses. Maybe it's time that I switched to this channel. After all, Rosalyn - one of the resident DJs of 987 - moved here since she has decided its more of her style. Being someone that really likes the way that Ros hosts and conducts her show, it might just be the right time to listen in to LUSH now and then to listen to Ros once again.

987 will definitely not be the same without her.

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Current favourite

Touted 'the only indie station in Singapore', Lush 99.5 definitely lives up to its name. Lush 99.5 plays indie songs exclusively, and it's pretty much the perfect radio station for indie-lovers like myself.

The music at Lush 99.5 is perfect for listening to while relaxing or doing light schoolwork, as there is hardly any of those overbearing grooves and raps that litter the charts nowadays on this station. The music played is generally feel-good, and there is the occasional sensual jazz.

That said, perhaps indie songs are not for everyone, as most people in Singapore still go for their KPop and mainstream dance pop, and Lush 99.5 doesn't quite receive the attention that it ought to receive.

Quirky station that definitely needs more love.

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Not for everyone.

I can appreciate the music played by Lush 99.5, but I can certainly understand why others wouldn't like it. Playing exclusively indie music, which others may consider alternative, it is far from mainstream. Don't bother listening if you're more of a fan of chart toppers.

It may come across as slightly pretentious, but I find it comforting and simply lovely.

Playing the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club and Ingrid Michaelson (my go to for happy-girly-bubbly-generally-feel-good songs), it has stolen my little heart long long ago, and I frequently tune in. In the radio DJs' music tastes I trust!

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(Updated: December 01, 2012)

I can't last a minute tuning in to this

I tried tuning in to Lush before and the whole experience was a torture for me. It's too chi-chi for me and the pretentious factor is way off the charts. The music on their playlist is something that I am definitely not used to and it evokes images of hip and happening just stoning away in a corner of a club acting cool. Just so not me.

Don't say I did not warn you, if you cannot appreciate the music, best you take my lead and tune in elsewhere.

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