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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

88.3 Jia FM is a bilingual English and Chinese radio station in Singapore. It features contemporary, popular music, latest traffic news, weather report, and news as well as entertainment news.


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(Updated: March 26, 2013)

Hear hear!

I'm a regular listener of this station mainly because of it's propensity to dispense music rather than chatter. In my misanthropically-biased opinion, most stations just talk too much. Add that to the mandatory advertisements being aired and what's left is a time allotment of music unbecoming of a true music station.

Therefore, 88.3fm's song marathons are usually what I tune in to when I'm driving. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that newly released songs tend to get thrown into the mix only a mere few days after 93.3fm, the premier station for latest Mandopop songs, first aired it. The fact that it was 'thrown into the mix' rather than 93.3fm's 'repeated hourly' was also a nice touch I appreciate with 88.3fm.

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Bilingual, like most Singaporeans

88.3 is not a station I regularly tune into. I'd say its unique selling point is that it's a bilingual station - I haven't come across another bilingual station in Singapore. Though, truth be told, I am not a frequent radio listener.

Being a bilingual station, they play both English and Mandarin songs, as well as conduct talk shows in both languages. The station also focuses on entertainment news of both pop cultures.

My only complaint is that they don't play many new hits, and so I don't really listen much to them unless I want to hear not-so-new songs.

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