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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 19, 2012    

Gold 90.5FM is an English radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. It broadcasts classic hits from the 1960s to present.

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I find that this channel focuses on broadcasting music that is more skewed towards the older generation. With all the best hits of the past, the songs that's they play can be classified as "mumbo songs" now - their characteristics being calming and relaxing.

On the other hand, the station itself also has funny DJs which always help to lighten the mood of the day - the voice quality of the DJs are always alluring and entertaining, and very pleasant to the ears.

I guess its time to Tune in to GOLD 90.5, as the station name suggests, the songs are GOLDen. I guess its time to relive those GOLD moments.

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Easy listening

For those nights when you can't sleep and nothing on your iPod satisfies you, tune into Gold. Or Symphony 92.4. I personally prefer the former. The song selection on Gold is pretty predictable, and you'll rarely run into heavy guitar riffs and shouted vocals on this station. The probability of listening to nonsense lyrics and pumping techno is also very low.

The DJs also have soothing voices and there aren't blaring advertisements on Gold unlike other radio stations. Gold usually plays classic hits which make for easy listening, especially for insomniacs like myself. Tune into Gold if you're looking for relaxation or those old tunes of a lost youth.

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The best station on the island bar none...

If you were an artiste, you would know that you are considered a classic if your song was played on Gold. Consider that a milestone in your career.

I also consider this station to be a milestone in my life. When I was younger, I would gravitate towards 98.7. Then it was 95, expecially for the breakfast show. It has been Gold90 since 2003.

I haven't exactly mellowed down but I do have my opinion about songs and music. What is played currently on radio is rubbish. Lyrics that have no significance, music that is devoid of soul or musicianship.

Gold90 plays songs from an era when the music was played from the heart and soul. The lyrics had meaning and on the whole makes listening to music enjoyable. That is it's main draw. Keep it that way Gold90! Don't sell out!

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Golden oldies

This radio station is aptly named. Gold = Golden = Oldies = Golden Oldies. Get it?

I do not often tune into Gold 90.5FM, as I don't really enjoy the song selection here. I am familiar with tunes of the older days, but I am a rock and roll kind of guy (Fleetwood Mac/Rolling Stones/Deep Purple/). At this station, I find that country songs and jazz tends to take up most of their playlist, which I don't prefer as much.

With that being said, you can listen to songs here that aren't readily available elsewhere. I am sure our parents will keep an album or two of The Beatles, but Gold 90.5FM doesn't just play the mainstream hits like Hey Jude. It offers a chance for us to appreciate older music which didn't receive as much popularity. In fact, it was where I first heard of the band The Doors. Best discovery I ever made.

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I tune in when I feel classy

Which is exponentially little but I try, I try.

Gold is the kind of music I'll force my future kid to listen to. I probably should listen to them more too. Anyway, the music here is very ballroom music to me. I used to tune into this when I feel absolutely random and I'd demand my boyfriend to dance me to them.

Then on better days when I'm out dating myself or too early for work, I'd tune into Gold and have coffee and feel classy. Gold has the ability to make the world look a lot less mean and a lot more loving. It's a fuzzy after-feeling that keeps me coming back to this station.

Perfect with a cup of good coffee. Bad on earpieces, so find a good radio.

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Growing old

During my secondary school days when I had to listen to this station every day in the car when my parents drove me to school, it was such a pain because all I wanted to hear were the trendy hits on radio. Listening to oldies made me feel out of trend and somewhat "uncool". However, it seems like the older I get the more appreciation I have for this channel.

Being one of the channels on the local radio playing classic hits, it is became such a joy listening to the calm and serene vocals when it came on radio. Perhaps it is me getting older, or just the emotional sentimental side of me kicking in. The news and radio djs on the channel are always so joyful and seem to have a very fatherly tone to introducing and explaining topics. It is a totally different spectrum of radio as compared to listening to the more trendy radio stations that play pop music. One thing to note though, I realised that the station likes to repeat songs and it gets a little boring listening to it for a long time.

Great for a short relaxing period, but in my opinion a little too plain. As the saying goes, old is gold.

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Pleasurable listening for a calm and easy-going experience.

Gold 90.5 FM is not just for old people to fondly reminisce, I feel that among all the stations we have, Gold is one of the most cultured ones. The calm speaking and fluent English spoken on air is certainly a delight to hear, especially when chilling out on late nights.

Their deejays are one of the most sophisticated around, always calm and never getting too frantic. (I guess they're keeping their target audience in mind!) With a formidable line-up of deejays including Tim, Maggie, Brian, etc, Gold 90.5 FM is a stations that people of my generation should definitely listen to.

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Good old classic music

I've been tuning in to this station loyally since I was young, thanks to my parents who love their good old classic music. Although Gold 90.5FM has made many changes along the way (and don't get me wrong, change is good, everyone loves novelty once in a while!), it has never failed to deliver the same, good o' music that we all love. I personally dislike having less music played and more talking my radio DJs, thus Gold 90.5FM is perfect because it offers music played 80% of the time! And when the DJs are talking, their conversations are actually quite interesting.

My mother loves the combination of Tim Oh and Maggie especially, with their good chemistry and slightly humorous conversations, sacrificing some music air time is worth it!

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