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4th storey, Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Radio Building Andrew Road Singapore 299939
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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 19, 2012    

Class 95FM is an English radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. It plays "Singapore's Best Mix Of Music" from the 1980s to present.

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Singapore's number 1 English station

I love music, and I have to say that from all the radio stations in Singapore, Class 95FM probably has the best range for you to listen to. From the latest Jason Mraz hit to golden Beatles oldies, almost any song can be played here. This is in contrast to the more other radio stations that are generally more focused in terms of their target audience.

DJs are funny and entertaining, with my favourite being The Morning Express show during the morning rush hour time-belt. Advertisements tend to be more frequent though, which should come to no surprise, given that it is the number one English radio station in Singapore. If you are looking for entertainment and good music, this is one station you should definitely try.

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English station of choice

If I had to choose, I'd prefer listening to Chinese music, simply because mandarin is my first language. However, we're not in China, so I have plenty of radio stations to choose from.

Although I mostly listen to chinese stations, I do hear their english brethen out occasionally. Many times during my channel surfing on the radio, I'd hear a song I like and most times than not, it would be Class 95 playing it. I'm guessing the songs they play are mostly classic hits that I, as a Chinese-speaking guy, would be familiar with. So if I am forced to wait for some emergency radio broadcast in an English station, I'll probably calm my nerves with music from Class 95.

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Best mix of...advertisements?

I started listening to Class 95 FM about 12 years ago, and have been a very loyal fan throughout the years. However, I have to say my loyalty has started to waiver. What really annoys me is how often AND how long advertisements are played. My mother could be driving me to school and I’d only be able to hear one song throughout the whole journey.

What brings my annoyance to a boil is how the advertisements are always the same! Day after day the same thing repeats itself over and over and over again. I used to love the morning express, where there was a good mixture of both serious and funny conversations among the DJs. Now, I hear more advertisements than anything and it’s such a shame because they do have a good mix of DJs and music.

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Great for all ages

Despite my rather youthful age, I have somehow not been too big a fan of pop and hip-hop music - genres many of my friends enjoy. While most of my friends tune in to 987fm, I chose instead to treat my ears to class 95's music.

With a heavier concentration of rock, soft rock and country and jazz tracks, I find the music choice of Class 95 more suited to my taste. I like the fact that I can enjoy my favorite timeless classics as well as the current hits of today all in one channel.

The mix of old and new music is nicely done and I have hardly ever gotten sick of listening to the channel. I am sure this will be the station to keep me company on many more bus, train and road journeys to come.

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95% classy, 5% evil

This is the radio station programmed for my radio on my phone and in my car. I listened to the Morning Express when I was travelling to work. If I leave home a bit later, I will get to listen to Lunch Break during my travel. During evening time, I will listen to Cartunes.

The DJs of this station were quite evil because they always made me laughed when listening to them and if I was on public transport, the other passengers would look at me like I was some crazy person laughing to myself.

My favourite show is the Morning Express. FD, Glenn and Vernetta Lopez were the perfect combination, they had such good chemistry that it is hard to keep from laughing out loud for some of their spontaneous remarks.

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Great playlists

Class 95FM is not as classy as it thinks it is, but probably classier than the mainstream junk over at 98.7.

Class 95 plays songs ranging from the 80s or 90s to current pop songs, so I would say that it's a good deviant from the all too typical mainstream songs that radio stations seem to devote themselves to playing nowadays.

Don't get me wrong - Class 95 still plays enough current hit songs to keep the younger listeners coming in, but they add in a touch of oldie songs into their playlist which definitely breathes fresh air into our society which seems to have been blinded by top hit songs.

As for DJs, I would prefer the ones over at 98.7. I find the DJs at Class 95 dreadfully boring, and they talk about such mundane stuff that I would really rather just skip the conversations and go straight into the music.

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Too many advertisements!

This station has one of the most entertaining and funny deejays, but has the most advertisements. Every time my dad tunes into The morning breakfast show with Vernetta Lopez, Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman, my journey in the car is spent listening to nonsensical advertisements. I can barely hear any good music, which is ultimately what I feel radio stations should provide their listeners with.

On a brighter note, there are many entertaining deejays on this station. My favourite deejay is Jean Danker, as I find her voice very entertaining and chirpy. She seems to make anything she says interesting to listen to, keeping listeners interested in tuning in. Also, another must listen to show is the Acoustic show at 8pm on weekdays. The station plays the latest acoustic tunes and this show is perfect for those seeking something to listen and unwind as the long day comes to an end.

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Station of no firm convictions

When they first started, they proudly declared that they were an adult contemporary station (whatever that means) and they don't play hip-hop or hard rock. Their music was rather staid, only catering to a rather small, stuffy demographic section of the population. I thought that they were rather stuck up.

Look what had happened? They are almost like the slightly grown up version of 98.7, existing to wean teenies to more adult musical offerings. I think the original programmers must have been rather snotty in their musical attitudes.

To mitigate, Class95 probably had the best breakfast show of all times, when Joe and the Flying Dutchman helmed the morning show then followed by FD, Glenn Ong and Rod, those were the times. Nowadays, I still don't enjoy tuning in to Class, I prefer Gold.

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Best of both (musical) worlds

My friends often make fun of me for my extensive knowledge of 80s and 90s music and I can safely blame this on my love for Class 95FM. At first, I only listened to it in the car thanks to my parents but after a while I began to grow accustomed and started the journey of my passion for the music of the older generation.

I especially love programmes such as the 80s weekend which plays music from my parents' era and Y2K weekend which plays music from my very old childhood. They also play the latest hits so it's safe to say that Class 95FM plays eclectic range of music with the best of both worlds. Where else can I hear the likes of Blondie and Belinda Carlisle alongside new artistes such as Lady Gaga? This radio station is definitely incomparable to the others and can help widen your repertoire of music; both new and old.

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Good balance between old and new tunes.

Although I mostly listen to the hits of today, I do like to rewind time and hit back to the songs of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, but of course, I have to have my fair dose of the current! So this is when I turn to Class 95FM, where I get a fair share of them all!

I am not sure if I am just lucky, or if they do have a segment dedicated to this, but whenever I tune into this station at night, I would get to hear an old song first, then a new one, and this cycle keeps going on. I don't listen to radio for very long, so I don't know how long this lasts, but I just love this mix of old and new, especially when Gold 90FM slowly bores me, and 91.3 and 987FM play modern junk (I listen to modern hits, but I have a standard to listen to okay) and this is a good strategy too because it allows listeners of any age to tune in! It also benefits the young to get to know more oldies, and the old(er) to get to know more of the current!

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My favourite radio station

They do play the best mix of music. Unlike some other radio stations that only play the mainstream and latest pop songs, this radio station provides some classics from the 80s,90s and even current hits. They have a good mix of all sort of musics!

I tune in for the songs itself and nothing else so i didn't pay much attention when the DJs are speaking.

Music Marathon is no-doubt my favourite 'programme' of the day with 95mins of non-stop music and i'll usually skip the love songs when it starts playing from 9pm daily, it can get real boring.

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