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987FM, previously known as Perfect 10, is an English radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. It is a 24-hour radio station that plays English Top 40 hits from mostly UK and USA. 987FM's studio is currently broadcasting at *SCAPE along Orchard Road at 2 Orchard Link.

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One word: MUTTONS!!!

Whenever I feel like tune in to radio, 987FM would be the number one option for me. It is my first 'favourite' station on my phone, so I automatically listen to it when I tune in. I love the world of mainstream music, other than garbage hits of Nicki Minaj, Bieber, and so on, and 987FM is the best place to listen to my favourite hits of today. They even have segments dedicated to older hit music, and frequently take in requests and shout outs as well.

If I have to choose my favourite radio hosts from 987FM, it would definitely be the Muttons, Vernon and Justin! Been listening to them since my earlier secondary school days, when Muttons Till Midnight was still on. Now their segment changed to Muttons on the Move, but they are still naturally hilarious and extremely fun to listen to and can always brighten up my day when I am feeling low. I love listening to their parodies where they re-write modern hit songs using themes like school, work, current news and gossip...anything under the sun!

I also used to listen to Shan and Rozz, especially when Ris Low was around to prank us listeners, although Shan left 987FM already. Bobby's not too bad himself though.

Of course, I also love 987FM for their constant updates and daring comments on the world of pop culture, like celebrities and films, etc. Will definitely continue supporting and listening to 987FM in the long run.

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Time to revamp

Radio stations need to revamp their DJs every time the trend changes, The DJs are supposed to focus on the listeners rather than themselves. These days all they talk about are themselves.

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Don't. Depending on what time you listen in, the music ranges from One Direction to One Direction to One Direction. The same song plays at least ten times a day and it's usually an exceedingly annoying artist's new single.

While I understand that the radio caters to a wide range of listeners, to simply replay similar music the whole day with intermissions of incomprehensible English thanks to the Muttons is unacceptable. While they make large controversial comments often and in large bellows, I cannot usually see any reasoning behind their remarks besides a few crude jokes.

I used to listen to the "Rude Awakening" in the mornings featuring Bobbi and Rozz but recently it's become far too jarring and I am very unamused by the sexual innuendos that are so often referenced. They constantly publicise that 987FM targets teenagers from 12 years onwards, is this what we want 12 years old to be soaking in?

I do hope 987FM revamps it's image for more pleasant car rides. I'm not saying that 987FM should be an learning portal, definitely not, but I hope it presents something more intellectual that may also cater to a wider audience.

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Not a fan anymore.

98.7FM used to be my most favorite station a few years back, during my secondary school years. I'd listen to them daily, while doing my homework or my chores. Sure, they're all your standard billboard stuff (my music taste has changed much over the years), but their DJs are fantastic. Especially the Muttons. Me and my friends would even talk about them at school sometimes!

Nowadays, I barely listen to the radio, and on the moments when I do, I would usually listen to other stations. I can even count with my fingers the number of times I've listened to 98.7FM this year! Their shows aren't as funny, and the songs they play, even though still standard hits, are b-o-r-i-n-g.

I doubt I'll ever get into them again.

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Wish it was better!

This used to be my favourite radio station in the past, I would listen to it every day without fail. But now, I'm starting to feel that 987fm is losing out to other radio stations like 913 which also plays more current songs and has less advertisements!

But still, I enjoy listening to the Muttons as they are one of my favourite radio DJs and their jokes never fail to make me laugh! I'm hoping that 987fm will start to improve and catch up with the other stations as well!

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Mainstream Music on Loop.

It is one of the very few radio stations that I would tune in, despite knowing that I don't listen much of the songs for they are way too mainstream. But once in awhile, it's good to catch up on some mainstream music, just so that there can be something for me to sing when my friends and I go for karaoke sessions.

I loved Shan and Rozz's show when Shan was still around, injecting his dose of Irish in 987fm. But now, it's a little different with just Rozz being around. She's good, and I like her, but I just prefer the duo better. There are times when I tune in and I hear sarcastic remarks by certain DJs - sarcasm in the morning is something that I don't exactly appreciate very much.

Their playlist seems to be always on repeat mode, and it can get tiring after awhile. Especially on sundays when there are no DJs, their songs are aways the same.

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Could be better.

I USED to play them non stop every night.
It USED to be my accompaniment while i was mugging for my exams.

Not anymore. After playing it for a few days on, initially i loved the music they played which was in the times, however, i soon realised that they were just playing all the songs on loop. It got boring after that. I soon looked for another radio station to keep me company for the night.
I think it would be better if they regularly changed the songs and not just merely put the currently popular songs on loop, regular listeners would just get bored.

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Getting stale

I used to listen to 987 all the time when I was still in primary school. There was something strangely attractive about The Muttons' witty quips and forthright humour that drew me to listen to the channel all the time. It was probably the trendiest radio station at that time, perhaps it still is, but I feel that the quality of this station is definitely dipping.

Many of the experienced DJs seem to have left the station, and have been replaced by newer (not to mention, more inexperienced) ones that just don't quite leave the same lasting impressions the previous DJs used to. I was actually a little disappointed when I realized that Shan had left the station. I'd always thought he made an amazing team with Rozz.

That aside, the jokes and banter have grown stale; nowadays I hardly find them funny. Not sure if it's a maturity thing though, because I think primary school kids nowadays still adore 987

Perhaps 987's only redeeming factor would be that it definitely tries its best to keep up with the times, and stay in trend. Not a bad attempt, but I think it could be better without the Kpop.

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98.7 is a pathetic excuse for a radio station.

Playing pop music and chart toppers 24/7, on continuous replay, it is not hard to see why one would get horribly sick of this radio station. Adventurous would, safe to say (excuse the terrible pun), not be one of the radio station's best traits. In a sentence, 98.7 is way too mainstream.

98.7 certainly deserves brownie points for trying, though. It pretends to "find" artistes once in a while, artistes such as Birdy and Lana Del Ray, who have been around for a way, way longer time. These artistes it then names as its rising stars.

In a desperate bid to win over radio listeners, 98.7 has also started playing K-Pop hits, which, well, reeks of desperation.

Give me my indie songs anyday.

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Station I outgrew

When Perfect 10 started, it was largely due to provide competition to Zoo 101.6, which operated from Batam. The format adopted by Zoo 101.6 had never been seen before by any of our local radio stations and Perfect 10 benefitted from it.

The original team of DJs were honestly quite good but terribly polite. The Muttons are a pale imitation of Howard Stern and before they did what they do, Daniel Ong had already been there. Don't ask me who the currrent DJs are nowadays, I don't tune in anymore because the music they play is more irritating than static.

I do have fond memories of their programs. If you grew up in the late 80s and early 90s, you'll probably remember that American Top 40s was aired every Monday to Thursday. Then there was Say It With Music. In the era of cassette tapes, these programmes were opportunites for us teens to record the very latest in hit music. We'd also listen to radio song dedications in the hope that someone would actually dedicate a song to us. We'd listen to soppy declarations of puppy love. And you'd probably snigger at the cliche "Stay cool and funky".

That is all in the past now. I've outgrown the music. Now I tune in to Gold90.5 to listen to music that makes me smile.

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Quality of

I first started listening to 987 about four years ago. Back then, they had Shan and Ross on the show, until Shan left overseas. Well, my honest opinion about 987 would be that it's quality is perhaps deteriorating by the years. In order to capture the attention of the popular teenagers, 987 now resorts to playing even korean pop music! Makes me wonder if K-pop has really permeated into our culture to such a great extent.
Undoubtedly, there are still really talented DJs on the show like the muttons. Their sense of humour never fails to perk me up despite a long day at school. If only they had more of such wonderful DJs instead of the current ones. I personally do not fancy Jade Seah , neither do I enjoy the "music review of the day", which I feel is an overly forced attempt to incorporate local YouTube talents. 

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