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UFM 1003 is a Chinese radio station based in Singapore. It is a radio station of SPH UnionWorks, a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings and NTUC Media.

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All things Mandarin!

A competitor Radio station to YES 93.3, 100.3 also has a variety of shows that cater to the Mandarin Speaking. I personally find it so much more serious than the playful vibe that YES 93.3 gives me.

While YES 93.3 is more skewed towards attracting the younger generation with the fast songs that are of the hip hop genre - something that I absolutely dislike due to the lack of clarity in the lyrics - 100.3 provides entertainment in the forms of Mandarin programmes and occasionally, Mandarin news. The songs are also of a clearer quality - I don't have to decipher what the singer is saying, at least I don't have to guess if the singer is speaking in Mandarin or a foreign language.

However, the DJs in 100.3 although famous may not seem to be as famous as those of 93.3. Content wise though, 100.3 seems to have more credibility in giving Mandarin related news and information that 93.3 may make a parody of as a form of entertainment.

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My wife's current favourite radio station

Currently, when I took my wife's car, the radio station would be tuned to this station. Previously, we were always listening to Class 95. I recalled this happened after I told my wife that when I was younger, I learnt Chinese by listening to Rediffusion (it was a historical cable radio station for those younger audience).

The thing about this station was that each programme would normally have at least two DJs so they would be talking in between the songs. In a way, if my children listened to more Mandarin (radio DJ spoke proper Mandarin), then there was a likelihood that their Chinese would be improved. There was a Chinese saying 耳濡目染, translated, it meant if you listen a lot and see a lot then it would become part of you.

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Caters to most age groups

My mum tunes in to 1003 every morning. In fact she leaves the radio on the entire day, even when she's out. Well, unless I switch it off myself.

I'm not sure if it's because she loves the station so she listens to it every day (she switches it on in the car as well), but I've definitely come to feel a bit of affection for it as well.

Like many stations, songs are played throughout the day, on top of games, news, traffic conditions, talk shows, informative talks, entertainment news and etc. The songs 1003 plays are mostly Mandarin, and there's a mix of new hits and not-so-new songs, catering to a wide age group of audiences. What's different (or what I feel is different) is their tactic of giving away DJ vouchers during their games instead of cash or some other form of reward and when listeners who call in and win a DJ voucher obtain enough vouchers, they get to exchange for a gift/reward. I don't participate in these games, but they are certainly entertaining to take part in and it's fun to listen to other listeners calling in for a try.

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