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Y.E.S. 93.3FM is a Mandarin radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. Its target audience are people from 15 to 35 years of age. The station specializes in Chinese popular music by artistes from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. It is one of the few radio stations in Singapore that broadcasts 24 hours.

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Those were the times

The last time I really listened to Y.E.S. 93.3FM was when JJ Lim was the rage in Singapore. Yes, I note the raised eyebrows, but I honestly have not bothered to listen to anything Chinese for quite a while.

I feel that Y.E.S. 93.3FM is more a radio station for youngsters. It specialises in trendy hip and pop music which the energetic young will tremendously enjoy and move to (That is of course, based on the assumption that you can actually persuade them to listen to a Chinese radio station in the first place). The DJs take on a more relaxed attitude during their broadcasts and love to joke around. Moreover, there always seem to be a contest going on for whenever there isn't a song playing, I seem to keep hearing telephone calls and the DJs asking the contestants questions.

As a youngster, I honestly did enjoy Y.E.S. 93.3FM, it is really a great radio station. However, I'd advise you not to listen too much to it as the other radio station serve crucial purposes too. Y.E.S. 93.3FM mainly dishes out entertainment and leisure news, and hence its a good idea to complement it with 95.8FM to get in touch with the latest happenings in Singapore around the world.

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Changed over the years.

There was a period of time when I was so into Chinese music - from SHE to Cindy Wang to Farenheit. I loved them all - and the station fuelled my love for these bands by constantly playing the latest hits by these talents. Not forgetting that there were many tracks by local artists such as JJ Lin that managed to get on my list of favourites.

Other than the songs, I loved how Pei Fen - the resident DJ of the station - had a bright and cheerful voice that never failed to make me smile. Her jokes and her shows on the radios were always exciting and upbeat.

However, recently I haven't been tuning in to this station because of the lacklustre quality of the songs nowadays. It seems that many of the songs no longer have the soulful quality in the artist's voice and tone. Most of them have adhered to the hiphop genre and are noisy and too fast for my liking - sometimes I don't even know if they're speaking chinese or some foreign language.

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My radio station during my university days

When I was studying in university, I stayed in hall and radio was the only companion when I needed to study deep into the night. It was not common for me to study deep into the night but there was some peer pressure from other hall mates so I had to comply.

During that time, the radio station will play a lot of soft music throughout the night which was a good choice. In the deep of the night, nobody would want to listen to rock songs unless you were in a discotheque. The soft music also relaxed the mind and let me focused more on my study. There was a segment called music diary where listeners shared their touching stories. It was my favourite segment.

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My best studying buddy.

I remember how I survived through the last minute mugging through the nights of my PSLE and O levels. At night when everyone is sleeping and you have to study for exams, 93.3FM makes studying less boring. When you need to concentrate, it just simply blends into the background. But when you need some companion and lift-me-up, focusing on the songs always makes the mood better.

Although they sometimes play music that was popular few years back, that is what I like about them. It brings back many fond memories of the past. The DJs always seem so friendly and encouraging when reading the mails from the audiences. I once had a friend in Primary 5 who loves to dedicate songs on 93.3 and I find it real sweet of her. Listening to the dedications totally reminds me of her.

I still occasionally tune in to FM93.3, hoping to hear some of my past favorite music.

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New songs on repeat

There used to be alot more music in this station. Nowadays, much of its airtime is taken up by commercials and radio chatter.

The commercials are bad, but I understand that auditory commercials, given only one sense to invoke, are pretty hard to impress. It certainly doesn't help that they tend to play the same old ads over and over again. I wonder if there might not be a greater variety of ads if the station slashed it's advert prices to more affordable rates.

The radio chatter is not bad. I have to say that this group of DJs are the funniest and most creative among all the Chinese radio stations in Singapore. It is the only station that I can at least bear listening to their banter.. occasionally. I still prefer music to dialogue in a radio station any day.

One thing about 93.3fm though, you can always rely on it for the latest gossip and songs in the Mandopop realm. Whenever I wanna update myself on the new songs that came out, I just have to tune in to this station and before long, I'll get an up-to-date gist of what's been happening in the Mandopop world while I was gone. They play new hits, especially from stars like Jay Chou, at such short intervals that it even changes your first impression of the song as it grows on you. For those new songs that you continue to hate, you'll either have to grit your teeth through all those playbacks or change the channel.

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This is how I concentrate!

This is how I concentrate while studying despite some people not being able to do so while listening to music. It is always great to listen to 933 at night when it is quiet and sometimes, the jokes the DJs crack are so funny and I can really laugh non-stop. 933 makes me updated with the latest nice Chinese songs and at the same time, relieve stress while studying.

Occasional mind quizzes/ tests that allow me to know more about myself are interesting too and I can even test my friends these psychological questions after that! The best part of 933 for me is the programme every Saturday night 9 pm where singers/ actors become DJs themselves and you can find out more about their favourite genre of songs.

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Number one station in Singapore

I love chinese ballads and i always go to yes933 to have my share of hearing songs. But mind you, Yes933 not only provides the most popular and newest ballads, it also provides updated entertainment news, frequent concert tickets, horoscope reading etc.

However what i love most about yes933 is the interaction among the DJs and the audiences over air. The DJs are really fabulous, especially at timings like 7-10am and in the evening at 5-7pm, the programme usually feature 2-3 DJs and thats when i love it best when they have such good chemistry and humour that you can just burst out laughing at work, in school or in the car.

Tune in to yes933 and i guarantee not only the good songs but a whole load of entertainment and also infotainment.

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Your Entertainment Station!

93.3 FM really is THE best radio station - and it's not just about the fact that it's the most frequently-tuned into station in Singapore.

As a child, I grew up in a Mandarin-speaking family and the radio was always at 93.3 FM. From audio-dramas to Mandopop, I listened to everything there was and I must say, it definitely did help my Mandarin improve haha! It also somehow seems to be the permanent thing that my family listen to on the car, and we always sing along to the songs playing on-air together.

I really appreciate the DJs in 93.3 FM. They're all really entertaining to listen to, and far more interactive than those from other stations. What's more, the addition of Facebook and email alongside sms as a medium to make song requests makes the entire listening experience even better. I do remember making requests and dedicating the songs to my friends; my friends did the same and I always waited eagerly for them!

Fantastic memories of friendship and family time all thanks to 93.3FM!

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93.3 - Zhui Xin Ping Dao

I hear that tune in my head when I see 93.3FM.

This radio station is famed for their witty deejays and glorious music. My lesser-than-Chinese-linguistic friends have openly laughed at me when I switch the car radio to 93.3FM and always fall over themselves changing it back but do I care, no.

I am a secret lover of depressing Chinese songs and 93.3FM is the number one place to go! I'd get myself drunk on their sad music choices and when I'm done immersing myself in the sadness, the deejays would come back on and be funny and I'd think the world was alright again.

I kid, I am really dramatic but the point is, come to 93.3FM for good Chinese music.

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