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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on February 25, 2013    

Established in 1934, Archdeacon Graham White founded the school on the basis of exposing more children to education so that they may have a brighter future ahead. Being an all-rounded school excelling both academically in PSLE scores and in CCAs, there has been a long waiting list for students to enter the school.


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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

Blessed School

St. Hilda's indeed lives up to its reputation. Having only joined SHPS at Primary 4 after (finally) getting in from the long waiting list, I wondered, what was so good about this school. My peers told me they either had siblings from this school giving them priority entry or their parents had to clock in hundreds of hours as a volunteer in order to move their children up the waiting list.

SHPS is a school of holiness. Every day, they would begin their mornings by singing Christian hymns and I can't tell is it the innocence of young children's voices or some divine intervention but there were occasions when the whole school chorused in unison and it sounded like angels' singing. Remarkable.

SHPS also makes it a point to pray together as a school for the CCA teams before they go for competitions and coincidence or not, they return victoriously each time.

Although the students aren't exactly very moral and rooted in positive values, the school attempts to change this by implementing a value badge system whereby students can earn badges like 'perseverance' 'honesty' 'resilience' by memorising some key values and with the character approval from their teachers. During award ceremonies, it is common to see students pinned tons of value badges on their collar, it's quite a unique culture.

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