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Listing created by June on January 13, 2013    

Tao Nan is a co-ed (unisex) primary school and one of the 30 most popular primary schools listed by MOE. They offer the Gifted Education Programme and a Bi-cultural Enrichment Programme (BiCEP) to teach students to be bilingual. Tao Nan celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006.


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Relaxed But Stressful

Primary school was relaxed during class but stressful after. Highly intelligent but rowdy boys never failed to disrupt classes with snarky comments, and their spontaneous renditions of “We Live in Singapura”. A particularly memorable occasion was when they formed a maze with tables to prevent the relief teacher from entering the classroom. While others played the “eraser game”, we played our own virtual reality game, where drawings on scraps of paper were hidden around the classroom. It was complete with fake currency, stocks, items and pets.

Stressful after since we were deliberately being stretched, and our homework was that much more challenging. Not to mention they provided tiny spaces for answers, rendering those with larger handwriting like me compelled to find extra space in the margins.

Yet the new coat of jarring electric blue paint makes it a challenge to look at the physical structure with great fondness today.

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