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Created by Gan Eng Sang on 1885 and later becoming a government school in 1938. The primary school was formed much later with the merger of four primary schools. The first principal was Ms Ng Soh Hua who from Dec 2001 to 14 December 2008 led more than 100 staff members from the various merged schools to work as one.


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One of the best times of my life

My primary school was Gan Eng Seng Primary School and thinking back, I daresay it was one of the best times of my life. Up till now, anyway.

I remember I was raw, unpolished and carefree - we all were. We never saw the need to sugar-coat our words, so we offended easily. But then again, we make up as quickly. Things like friendships came and left all the time, though they mostly came back fully mended. This is the beauty of friendships among children; they forgive and forget, easily. Because we were not calculative of actions, I would like to think (well, sometimes the naivety and ignorance too). We only remembered the fun we had together. I guess this is why 5 years down the road, I still have regular dates with some of my primary school classmates. I strongly believe that we still have a long road ahead of us together.

Even though friendships played a large role when I was in primary school, I never neglected my studies. It helped that most of my friends were the studious type, so we shared notes and helped one another. There was definitely stress even in primary school, but I learnt to take the stress as motivation instead of pressure. Funny how things can drive you or pull you down once there's a change in perspective. My parents supported me all the way but they did not give me extra pressure. I feel that by giving me such a positive environment to concentrate on my studies, I was able to relax even more and therefore learn even more in the short period of time given. It was honestly one of the best times of my life; I graduated from my primary school with decent grades, a healthy childhood, pleasant memories and most importantly, friendships to keep forever.

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