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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on October 08, 2013    

MSN Messenger is a instant messaging online program developed by Microsoft.  It was first released on July 22, 1999 and rebranded under Windows Live Messenger in 2005 and discontinuation in 2013.

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Gone were the days when we would furiously type away on our keyboards on MSN, only to be replaced by the ever-growing presence of those glorious blue ticks and 'last seen's. I always felt as though MSN was uniquely for those who were born in the previous century (before 2000) and strangely enough, I felt a sense of pride and entitlement about this.

Back in my primary school days, MSN was so trendy that possibly everyone used it to communicate with one another, because it happened to be so convenient. Plus, not everyone had a phone back then so MSN was the best alternative available. If you don't have an MSN account, you're not a cool enough and you're going to be left out of many group chats and outings.

On hindsight, it is actually indeed just like a computer version of Whatsapp. It is actually quite sad that it did not manage to survive all its other potent rivals - from the creation of Facebook message to the most powerful of all - Whatsapp. The fact that people had to be constantly communicating with others nowadays has eliminated MSN as it was admittedly rather inaccessible without a computer.

Well, I guess we can only now look back in nostalgia on these softwares that were once fashionable.

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Bring the days of MSN back

The one thing that anyone would love to see on their computer screen was their crush coming on line on MSN back in those days.

And those are the days that I miss so much - better than the current MSN that has evolved into a myraid of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Oh, so much distraction. One can hardly have a decent conversation without being distracted by the fashion ad just innocently placed at the side of the page or the refreshing of feed with interesting header titles.

Sigh, those were the days. I still remember the functionality of MSN - everything that had to be done online would be done via MSN, be it discussion of group work in a group chat, video calling, or even just sending a nice message for someone's birthday. And oh, the times when I stayed up till 12 midnight on New Years to wish all my friends happy new year's while receiving a flood of messages from other friends.

Who wishes anyone Happy new year's day anymore anyway. I wish we could bring MSN back.

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The old days

The last time I used MSN was maybe five years ago. That’s quite sad and pathetic, really. What I like about MSN though, is the wide range of emoticons, where I have collected probably a few dozens of them whenever I chatted with my friends.

MSN was used, in my case, when I had projects that required discussion and sharing of documents. However, as I said, that was five years back. Now, I prefer Facebook, and Google docs, where group members can edit the same document simultaneously.

Despite what I said above, I'd like to add that you shouldn't turn away from MSN altogether, because you can always make video calls with it!

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It was my everything!

Now kids, back in the days before Skype and Whatsapp were popular, we have this social portal call: MSN. Everyone, and I mean literally anyone, will have at least 1 MSN account. These accounts were used to identify ourselves and to chat with our friends. I still remember back in the days, where having capital letters and numbers at random intervals in our display names were considered Cool. Eg. 5h1_hUi.

Alongside to that, I recalled that we often allowed our status to display what our windows media player was playing to boost to others our musical taste. Apart from displaying our musical preference, we also update our status frequently to show what we were thinking about. I would say that function for MSN definitely resembles the current Twitter or Facebook portal.

Now kids, don’t protest and say, “But Twitter and Facebook provides a wall for us to check our friends’ update!” Well, MSN do so to! MSN’s wall even displayed who you were gaming with and it even showed who won! Although the games provided in MSN were as simple as bowling and chess, I still enjoyed those games!

Other than those features, MSN’s main focus was to provide a social chat portal for us and they did, fabulously! I still recalled back in the days where the minute I report home, my eyes would be glued to the computer screen, waiting for my friends to be online. When we were all online, we would then create a group chat and started spamming it with updates of the day, screenshots, photos and random emojis which we had downloaded to replace our text. Back then, I was always the one to blame for having too many emojis such that my texts were unreadable. I mean, what can I say; the emojis are just too adorable for me, plus they move!

All in all, I would say I LOVE MSN for all the wonderful years and was deeply dishearten that it have to go.

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MSN Messenger brings back the good old memories of the younger part of my childhood. I remember how it used to be the cool and in thing. Everyone had it, and it was such an important part of communicating with my friends. We would chat after school and gossip and check with each other about outstanding homework.

There was always this need to find the coolest status and to always be online. If my friend didn't reply, I could always nudge them which would send their entire computer screen shaking and bringing about this massive inconvenient and annoyance. I even did it repeated times, which led to some of my friends being quite angry with me!

It is sad that it has now shut down and is no longer in use. Perhaps the entry of other messaging applications like Facebook and Whatsapp has now rendered MSN Messenger defunct. However, I am still happy that I managed to experience this and that it will always be a fond memory for me.

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Ding, your crush is on!

MSN Messenger provided instant communication in a time where there wasn't whatsapp, SMS were not unlimited and people were just starting to get addicted to the internet. I think my life would have been different without MSN, especially those times in secondary school where you would bravely ask that cute girl for her msn address instead of her number.

Then, you would add her as contact, wait for her to accept, and sit in anticipation waiting for the "Ding" and the pop up showing that she has signed in. On a separate note, I still remember how I would try to get attention of a girl by signing in and out of MSN, or going offline and then appearing online. Don't judge me, I was only 14 :( Hahahaha. Gone are those days and these days everyone just uses Skype, Facebook Messenger. May you RIP MSN.

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(Updated: December 07, 2013)

The good old days

I remember those times where everyday, without fail, I would log on to my MSN punctually at 8.45pm daily. This was before the advent of mobile internet and facebook, in the mid 2000s. Without fail, most of those who are online are definitely on their computer and could be relied on to have a meaningful conversation with. I would spend quite a few hours then yakking away happily until it was time for bed and school the following day.

Nowadays, its getting harder and harder just to have a meaningful conversation with someone. Take for example Facebook, even though mine is filled with acquaintances, most of the people online are hardly close friends, or friends whom I no longer talk to and its simply difficult just to sift through people who're online just to find someone to talk to. Moreover, even if i find a good friend, he might just be on mobile and currently busy, and hence its not easy to talk.

Hence, I really miss those good old days, where my various conversations just flash orange. Sadly, when I logged into my msn account just a few hours ago, no one was online. Despite it being considered primitive technology in today's context, unable to match up with whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc, i still think its the best app ever!

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My de facto messaging client

I had been party to the WWW explosion of the late 90s ever since I first signed up for a Singtel dial-up account in 1998. My initial motive was to supplement my resources available for study. I quickly learnt the huge potential for entertainment and communication as well.

I discovered chatting quite quickly. I frequented chatrooms and was an avid user of ICQ. The only thing about chat rooms was that I probably would be chatting be strangers. In ICQ, I could do the same or I could save the profiles of those I have befriended in a primitive form of a friends list but what I liked was, and still do, that I could engage in a conversation with someone I know without having to create a private room in a chat client.

Yahoo picked the concept up as did MSN and the development of Yahoo and MSN messengers developed side by side. After a while it became a matter of preference since users from one platform could chat with those on another.

Now, with Facebook on the rise and with it having taken on the concepts and features refined by Yahoo and MSN, their messaging service had entered a sharp decline. Yahoo messenger had almost disappeared and MSN had been eaten up by skype.

Whatever it is, private messaging is here to stay in one form or another though my kids would probably never know the joy that MSN or its ilk, had given to their daddy.

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(Updated: December 15, 2013)

Fond Memories...

MSN Messenger has indeed brought a whole new revolution to online instant messaging. Before Skype was invented, MSN Messenger introduced instant status display pictures which had a similar concept. Emoticons, sound effects, 2P games and instantaneous status updates. Man.... Those were the days.

I grew up in a generation where I'd do everything from homework to household chores within metres of the computer in case someone chats with me. The MSN statuses were like my Twitter feeds where I would blabber on about my daily happenings and had girly Neoprints as my display pictures. When I felt a little more adventurous, I'd use the signature emoticons in my instant messages and send sound effects to my chat mates. The newer versions of MSN allowed me to interact a greater deal especially with 2 Player games like checkers, chess, tic tac toe. Although they were simple games, it can be so entertaining when you're bored and if you have a fun chatmate to play with.

Ah... Those were the days.

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