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A beauty forum founded in 2001 by Nicole Yee. The users of Cozycot are called "Cotters".


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Freebies anyone?

Cozycot was a trending beauty review portal. They offered samples to be exchanged for points that you earned from doing tasks like, liking Facebook pages of their sponsors to pinning your favorite product on your board. Last year, they offered goodie bags, sponsored by CIMB banks, as welcome gifts for their members. These bags were to be collected from their shop located at orchard central. That shop is currently closed.

As a past user of Cozycot, I would say, what attracted me to be a cotter would be their attractive welcome gifts and sample redemption system.

However, throughout my time there, I did notice a downside to their portal: It’s not very User Friendly. The rewards points’ panel seemed to have a mind of its own and the website’s navigation system could sometimes lead you to a broken link. To be honest, it took me awhile to get a hang of the system. On top of that, I don’t find their forums useful for they are mostly old and outdated. Plus, they removed the rewards system leaving me no reason to head back there.

In any event, if you do head over to cozycot now, you’ll notice that the portal went through a huge makeover allowing it to be easily operated. On the downside, the forums were still as messy as it was in the past, filled with plenty of posts but oh so little replies.

If you are curious about how the past rewards system worked, you can head over to the links here:
What Cozycot’s shop used to look like:
Tutorial for Cozycot rewards system:

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I like Cozycot but in my personal observation, it is less active compared to Flowerpod. There were a few times when I wanted to find some information on Cozycot but the last post was quite some time ago so I relied on Flowerpod instead. The pro is that I do not have so sign in to read the replies on the threads unlike Flowerpod.

Again, in my personal observation, there are fewer members who would advertise on the forum by giving false reviews. Similar to Cozycot, the sunscreen threads has thousands of posts and counting. It seems like Singaporeans are obsessed with sunscreens. Recently, the layout of Cozycot has changed which I don’t think is very user-friendly as I have trouble finding the PM function.

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