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Listing created by PolarBear on August 22, 2013    

A beauty forum founded in 2001. The name originates from the word "flower pot".


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(Updated: May 22, 2018)

flowerpod is gone, new forum now

flowerpod was good while it last.
however, there was some quarrels among the founders till the lawsuit start pounding.
what a bad way to end the forum.

there is a new forum for singapore and malaysian ladies now.
my wife surfs it everyday and also send me interesting posts to read.

i think it is not bad, no need for nric or log in to read the forum and very little commercial advertisement unlike

hope can serve singapore and malaysian women well.

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fun and active forum!

Flowerpod is one of the most active local forums I've come across. The layout is a tad too pink for my tastes, although I'm sure many girls would love it. Most importantly, it's user friendly, and easy to navigate.

The numerous threads revolve around beauty and fashion advice, and cover a wide range of topics from skincare, exercise regimes, and cosmetics. Most of them are very active, with many members regularly posting their opinions and giving invaluable tips to the rest of the users!

However, do beware of 'fake' posts and reviews. Some users seem to be just trying to use the site to advertise their own products.

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good advice and reviews
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Beauty Advice

Flowerpod has been around for a long time and the most prominent feature (for me at least) is the forum where discussions take place amongst the mainly female members whose topics usually surround beauty and health issues.

The user interface (UI) for the website is ancient and is poorly done up. I know that this is a website for women and the stereotypical colour of preference of women is pink, but the shade of pink used for the website is really unappealing and actually makes the website look very amateurish.

The forums are very useful, whenever I have beauty questions that I need answered (e.g. reviews for skincare products or locations of stores or pricing of a certain product), I will look through the forum threads and if the answers are not already there, I can simply create a new thread. However, what is annoying is the need to log in before I am able to view the threads and it is cumbersome to do so when all I want to do is find a quick answer.

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(Updated: August 23, 2013)

Informative and active

I frequent Flowerpod and Cozycot even though I am a Malaysian because there are no reliable Malaysian forums for girls as they are usually inactive. I prefer the former because podders seem to be more responsive. The members are really enthusiastic as evident from certain threads like the sunscreen thread which can garner thousands of posts.

The most prominent hassle is that one has to be a member and sign in to read the replies on the forum, unlike many other forums including Cozycot. In order to gain access to 18SX discussions, there are so many requirements including giving a copy of your IC, which I do not feel comfortable giving.

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