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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) was set up in 1963 by the Ngee Ann Kongsi at Clementi, and they currently offer 48 diploma courses in the areas of business, media, humanities and social sciences to IT, engineering, life sciences, and health sciences.


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(Updated: February 28, 2014)

Splendid experience

Whether it is a study trip, an internship, a community service trip or shuttle bus services, I promise that travelling is part of the deal when you’re a student in Ngee Ann Poly. Every student to go overseas at least once during their poly life. Lazy to walk up the steep hill? The school offers free shuttle bus services to bring students around the campus. How cool is that!

With over 120 Xtraordinary CCAs at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I highly recommend students to get involved in something while they’re here. This is the best opportunity to meet new people and widen your network.

As mentioned in many reviews, Ngee Ann Poly boasts about a wide variety of eateries in the campus. Indeed, where else can you find 4 canteens, eateries (such as Toast Box and Subway) and a handful of inviting cafes in campus?

Other than the usual facilities which every other polytechnic have (swimming pool, campus gym, school library etc.), NP has Dialogue in the Dark (DiD), a "one-of-a-kind social enterprise where visually-impaired guides take you on a tour in absolute darkness". It was an absolutely amazing experience and my guide was Kelvin Tan, a Singaporean Mandopop singer. In addition to the variety of already-so-awesome facilities, there's a jamming and recording studio at Studio27 which come complete with instruments!

Although I've only been in Ngee Ann Poly for a year, I enjoyed school a lot. If Ngee Ann Poly is a male human being, I believe I may turn into an overly-attached girlfriend!

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I'm going to be a student at this school soon, and after exploring the campus on a few different occasions, I've come to the conclusion that I really like the campus.

Initially, the vast spread of land intimidated me, and I always felt lost. However, after a few days of getting to know the place more, I became more familiarized with my surroundings and soon found my way around. I like how there are so many places to relax, studying and socialize with friends. The canteens are also pretty impressive - great food at great prices.

I certainly look forward to starting school here and I hope my experience here will be as fufiling as I've heard other people's experiences to be.

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The hilly school

My first impression of Ngee Ann : The everlasting hills. Consider yourself lucky dear juniors because recently Ngee Ann has just started its shuttle bus services around the campus. Unfortunately, this happens to be my graduating year but at least I managed to lose some weight during my 3 years in Ngee Ann by repeatedly climbing the hills to the life sciences department or Makan place.

In spite of the fact that Ngee Ann is quite far from home and has annoying troublesome hills, it was my first choice as I was attracted to the structure of the course that I wanted and the CCAs available such as the Hearing Impaired club, LEO club, Red Cross and more. The Hearing Impaired club is especially interesting as I get to learn sign languages and interact with the hearing-impaired students in Ngee Ann.

Aside from the various exciting CCAs offered by the school, facilities such as the library and attic are just some of my favourite air-conditioned places to hang out with friends. There are also a lot of outdoor benches around Ngee Ann for students who prefer to save the depleting ozone layer from using too much air-conditioning or for students who simply cannot find seats to study or to eat their lunch.

Ngee Ann is a school which I will miss dearly when I graduate simply because it has given me a lot of opportunities in boosting my confidence, provides enough fundamental knowledge for the working world and instills in me a better understanding of the unfortunate through their various community service clubs.

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My Gleaming Years

An aspired teen stepping into my first experience with tertiary education, these were my gleaming years and the first step towards what I wanted to achieve in life.

A Diploma in Banking and Financial Services at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The academic competition was tough yet enjoyable and exam study weeks were the highlights of my year, pushing mental boundaries and fully addressing any concept discrepancies.
This was all done in two weeks, be it the mad-rush study week to the frantic exam week, my friends and I could not wait to let off a sinister smile when the bell for the last paper rang.

But, we lived a youthful life, making no compromise on efforts to queue up for the $1 egg and garlic prata as well as sneak in the impromptu class table tennis competition during lecture breaks.
Table tennis equipment were easily loaned and there were plenty of table tennis tables throughout the sports hall, making it wonderfully accessible to any of the students with a short break between lectures or classes.

Those were the days.

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A place like no other

When I was accepted into Ngee Ann, there were no words to describe the happiness I felt. I’ve always wanted to be in NP, not only because of the wide range of courses they provided but also due to the welcoming vibe that the school had. Although the school structure and view didn’t take my breath away, it’s the people and lectures that made the experience in NP worthwhile. After all, looks can be deceiving.

Being enrolled in Multimedia and Animation, students are encouraged to think outside the box and be as different and unique as possible. It gave me the discomfort of being out of my comfort zone but also allowed me to open my doors to all sorts of possibilities. The lecturers in school are always ready to lend helping hands especially for students who are struggling. There is an unspoken warmth that NP provides that I know wouldn’t exist in any other place.

On top of all these, the foods in NP are amazing and the facilities provided for students are astonishing! Places like the library and ourspace are great to unwind and get your thinking cap on. To relax and unwind, there’s always studio 27 where jamming, game zones and video production area all comes together. My experience in NP has been a real good one and I am rest assured that it’ll only get better from here.

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An Unregrettable Decision

Ngee Ann Polytechnic has always been my first choice of poly education even before I was enrolled into a secondary school. The only problem was finding the right field of study that feeds my passion and interest. During my youth I have invested the majority of my time playing video games on the computer and forming badly drawn magical dragons and giant robots with my wooden 2B pencil.

This gave me the motivation and vision I needed to find a meaning in my existence. I want to make video games.
With that in mind, I chose to enroll into the Multimedia and Animations course in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. This combines both the technical skill of an artist and an intellectual mind of a game designer. I have never been happier when I got accepted into the school.

During my stay in NP I have been taught many things. We have classes that involves people coming into the workshop to pose HALF-NAKED for us student artists to draw, figure draw. Its quite fantastic really, then there's also this scriptwriting module- pretty self explanatory right?
Then there is the programming module which I do not quite like to be honest as it really tears up your brain cells and it often gives me an immense headache.

All in all, I am enjoying my stay in NP and I am so looking forward to classes after my semester break!

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There is no better choice.

Like Curiosity roaming the desolate landscape of Mars, my experience in Ngee Ann Polytechnic was at once alien and also foreign, but rife with potential at every turn. It was a literal – albeit rude – awakening to a whole new world of intrigue, mayhem and infinite possibility, guided by the battered hands of our world-weary lecturers. It also exposed my raw self to the cruel realities of a misgiving world: harsh, unforgiving, yet impartial in its deliverance. The experience tempered my soul, forging it in the best furnace, allowing a once-docile young boy to bravely face the world and its machinations.

When I first started my polytechnic stint in Ngee Ann, the complex still possessed much of its old school charm: the flatted factory blocks serving as classrooms, the tuckshop-styled food courts and the quaint wooden tables and benches that punctuated the landscape. As the days oozed into months and dissolved into years, the shape, size and form of Ngee Ann changed, evolving into what can be captured in its tagline: “That Something Xtra”.

Alas, the façade of the polytechnic’s buildings is not everything. At the very core of its being, the staff are the essence of the polytechnic, each member part of a greater whole ensuring that the institution runs like a well-oiled machine. In particular, the teaching faculty from the school of Film and Media Studies were a zany, dynamic bunch, full of teaching passion but also rife with personality and compassion for their young wards in search of quality education.

Coming from lofty positions within the media industry, each lecturer was armed with a sheath of experience, a quiver of relevant qualifications and a robust shield of alacrity to counter the zeal of their sometimes over-enthusiastic but eager students. They imparted knowledge, showed us the tricks of the trade, and become our personal friends for the years to come. Without the teaching faculty, I would not have become what I am today.

For a polytechnic education, there is no other choice.

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What's Not to Love About Ngee Ann?

My first thought when I first entered Ngee Ann Poly: it looks like a city on its own.

NP’s campus is expansive. There are food joints everywhere, whether it’s in the School of Engineering or Business. There are even student-run cafes and as such, I’m always greeted with a smile whenever I head down for a snack. It’s great to feel welcome and well taken care of, especially since poly life is something really new to me and it can be intimidating oftentimes. One hot spot worth mentioning is Between Chapters, a café by the poolside. They are best known for their cheese and chicken; many students have praised their cheese for its tangy flavour and yes, it's definitely a compliment that's well-deserved!

NP also has terrific recreational spaces. My favourite place is Studio27, the perfect place to relax and unwind whether it’s in the jamming studio or gaming room. I especially love the interior design – the walls are brightly coloured. The atmosphere made by other students having fun is also just as bright! My spirits lift whenever I step inside for a breather from work.

Apart from facilities and such, my social experience has also been bolstered greatly by welcoming seniors and even lecturers during orientation. This is true of school camps, and the seniors have a flair for making simple overnight camps into events I can probably remember until graduation. I was initially afraid of the new life, but their sincere efforts to help us freshmen settle into our first year paid off.

From facilities to the faculty, I can safely say that my experience so far at Ngee Ann Poly has been nothing short of enjoyable.

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A good move made and i have never turn back since.

I have never regretted choosing to study at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Ngee Ann Polytechnic has given me a well-rounded education, with the assistance of the fabulous lecturers and the friends i have made. I was enrolled into the Business Studies course and was the Vice-President of the Fencing club.

For students who are studying in Polytechnics, i strongly encourage you to be involved in a Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA). It was the best move that i have made when i was in Ngee Ann Polytechnic because i have achieved insurmountable experiences and skills that a business studies course alone would not have done it. There are training and bonding camps planned annually and the committee members will have to plan it and execute it. As a Vice-President of the club, i am responsible for making sure that the plans are foolproof and that the members of the fencing club will be able to enjoy and benefit from the camps. I am also accountable for the smooth execution of the plans. Through these responsibilities, i learn that every member of the committee is invaluable and cooperation among the members is the key to ensure good progression of plans.

In short, i have enjoyed tremendously during my time in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and i am grateful for the friends, the lecturers and the opportunities that were presented to me.

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I loved Ngee Ann and I always will

Ngee Ann Polytechnic will always be a stronghold of memories to me.

But that aside, this is definitely the most fun of all polys to choose from. There is really not a single day in school where there are no events. Our atriums are always holding events, filling the place with life and vigor, our canteens are always bustling and noisy and our classrooms are always the opposite of all that.

The students here are dressed mostly to the nines. If you want to know about the up-and-coming trends that our youths will dive into, take a walk from our Film, Media and Sound block to our School of Engineering block. You will see always the same few brands and the same few bags, and now you can go to Orchard to snag them all.

Ngee Ann is a vibrant people with the most amazing people and I have known people who graduate but always come back like an alcoholic to his favorite Ginatonic.

But for all else, come for the food, it's cheap and good!

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