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Temasek Polytechnic was opened in 1990, and is located near Bedok Reservoir and offers courses in the areas of applied sciences, business, design, engineering, humanities & social sciences, and informatics & IT.


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Fashion my passion?

With my grades I could have entered JC, yet, I chose to take Fashion Design and Merchandising at Temasek Polytechnic with 4 words in my mind. Fashion is my passion. As a shopaholic, I just love clothes and shopping.

Unlike other courses, we didn't have exams. Yes. No exams! I was elated to finally be freed of exams after 10 years of them! However, my 3 years in Fashion turned my passion into lesson. Fashion became a subject to me. It was all about striving to get better grades but by the third year I realised fashion was biased. As we didn't have exams my poly life was all about projects. Every 2 weeks we would get an assignment. The hectic datelines and schedule left me no time for Co-Curricular activities. Researching, drawing and sewing basically summed up my poly years.

Honestly, I still love fashion but being in fashion and loving it are completely two different things. To be in fashion, you not only have to have passion for it. You got to be able to sacrifice anything for it to be the next Coco Chanel. Poly was a stubborn mistake but a learning journey for me.

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Goodbye, TP

Being about to graduate from TP this year, my 3 years in TP have truly gone by in a blur. Although the experience of being a TP student was not entirely good, I have created fond memories with the people I've met. For the most part, I spent a lot of my time studying. I do not believe that this is limited to just science school students, but TP students on a whole.

I recall the times where my friends and I would rush to the MENSA canteen to enjoy food from the Salad Bar, or treating ourselves occasionally by visiting the Sugarloaf. Even before introducing Subway and Mcdonalds to TP, TP students already had a wide selection of food to choose from when it came to eating within the school grounds.

One great thing about TP was that I was allowed to travel overseas for my internship. Not much matter about your grades, as long as you are able to find a good place to intern at and you are not required to retake any subjects, you are eligible to go overseas! While I was overseas, I was entirely grateful to one of my lecturers, Mr Yeemon, for he showed my friend and I care and concern despite the fact that he was not our liaison officer. Thank you, Mr Yeemon!

For those who think that getting into TP's Veterinary Technology is great, I hope that you'll think twice if you want to enter that course. As fun and interesting the course is, the diploma is pretty useless after graduation unless you have the grades and money to continue vet studies after that. Additionally, vet tech's course structure isn't very good and TP is still making changes to it.

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My company used to be able to get a lot of interns from the School of Business IT in Temasek Polytechnic. It may be because at that time, the course was still new and there were not many companies that knew about this course so the students were not so high in demand.

I had managed about at least 3 batches of interns from this course and I could say overall, the preparation for the students to join the work force was almost there. It was a good sign to see that the students already had some understanding of what IT can do for businesses and they were willing to put their knowledge from their earlier years of learning to some practical use. The course being business IT meant that the students were not taught too much in the technical aspects but more on the business aspects so these interns may be more useful for departments like professional services or quality assurance where technical knowledge may not be so critical.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

"Blessing in Disguise"

I used to hate technology and computers, even feared it, till I entered Temasek Polytechnic. Being given a course in Business Information Technology of which I detested, one must imagine my life at poly must have been miserable. And indeed it was, at least for the first 2 years. There were tears and sleepless nights in struggling to meet deadlines for group projects where sluggish team mates abandoned me to do everything. I had a tough time and often felt lonely, highly stressed out and constantly fatigued. The third year was much better where I had comparatively diligent team mates and scored better. But years after graduating and working, I have realized that it was because I was thrown into the ocean to swim on my own, that my IT skills and competency in technology has come thus far. Nowadays, I have people commending and even asking me to teach them to use certain softwares. When there are problems with the computers, first person they look for is me!

I am very much interested in web design (of which I never would have dreamed of in my first year at poly), and I have no fear in exploring new softwares. People have asked where I learned to do what I do, and I can proudly say it’s from Temasek Poly. Indeed the experiences and times were tough during those days, but I am glad that I went to Temasek Poly. I remember friends from other polytechnics mentioning how fun and relaxing poly life was but it was quite the opposite for me. In fact, many Temasek students are put under tough training and teaching, and it is really because of the institution’s harsh regimen that it's students, I believe, stand above other poly graduates.

Now when I look back, I really do miss my time at Temasek Poly. I wish I could go back to relive the experience. For those out there, wondering what decision to take after O levels, I would even suggest Temasek Poly because I know that their future will be secured that way. Temasek Poly will drive its students nuts but eventually for its graduates to become the best in the industry.

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The old days

My three years in Temasek Polytechnic just passed by in a flash. One moment I was an excited freshman burning with desire to participate in every CCA and learn new things, and the next moment I was getting all teary seeing my classmates go on stage one by one to collect their graduation certificates. 

Even though life in Poly is very fast paced, I will never forget the friends that walked with me through it. The days when we walked opposite TP to eat the 'xiao long bao' in the hawker centre and the days when we got scolding from the librarian for being too noisy *chuckles*. I will especially miss my care person, whom most couldn't understand because of his strong Myanmar accent. He is one of the most helpful lecturers around, always trying his best to help his students, I miss you Mr Yee Mon. 

Just thinking about the past brings back such a huge wave of nostalgia. If I could turn back time, I would choose to relive my Poly days once more.

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Glad to be in TP!

10 years ago, I wouldn't have dreamt I'd actually be in Temasek Polytechnic. Now I am.. and am I proud of it!

I'm still in my first year but the thought of graduating is already filling me up with all kinds of emotions. It's a great school to be in; the students knows when to work and when to have fun and the lecturers are dedicated, all-round amazing people (i'm in a design course).

When it comes to food, the best canteen for me would have to be ITAS. They have the BEST yong tau fu ever (the loooong queue at around 1pm would prove my point). And since there's McDonald's, Subway's, and Toastbox (with their student discounts), and some other canteens here and there, there's never a dull moment when it comes to food!

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Great school to be in!

So I got myself landed in Temasek Polytechnic after withdrawing from my JC studies and have been enjoying my life in the school then.

When I have time before or after classes, I usually take a dip in the school's pool, swimming a couple of laps first. The pool is usually empty and it's free, making it a better option compared to the public ones. Do note that one end of the pool is actually 4 meters deep, double the depth of normal pools so do take caution when swimming here. The 4 meters depth also serves as a challenge for my friends and me, competing with each other to see who can touch the ground first.

The sports hall, although usually packed, still isn't that hard to make a booking for you to enjoy badminton or table tennis with your friends. The only problem with the badminton courts is that the flooring tends to be a little too slippery for my liking.

Nothing beats having a good meal after working out (or even without the work out part). My favorite would be the Western cuisine at Business or Design school, each costing less than $3 for a chicken chop or fish and chips. One funny thing about the stall owner of the Business school's Western cuisine is that she weighs every portion, the fries, the chicken or the fish before serving. Not sure if they still do that now but all this funny incidents really adds up to my life memories.

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Food at Temasek Polytechnic

Old School - that is how I would describe this place. It churned out everything from the simple seaweed chicken and snack stall to the slightly more commercial Carona Chicken Rice brand that basically named its variations by the type of sauce that was poured on top of the rice.

The smallest canteen on campus, the western stall is a MUST TRY (don't forget to change your side of fries to cheese fries)

Open and al fresco to a certain extent, the food at the Business School is not exactly Michelin Star standard but it does serve its purpose. The stalls have efficient cooks that dish out meals hot and fresh. Chicken & Char Siew Rice takes the cake at this canteen.

The only appealing factor about this place is that it is fully air-conditioned. There is a catch though, 15 stalls cooking different types of food makes the aroma of this place really strong..especially on the clothes. Yong Tau Foo here would be my first choice, taken away ofcourse.

Boasting the best views on campus with the triangle square on one side and the picturesque Bedok Reservoir to the other, the MENSA block(I still do not know what the link between this canteen and the High IQ society have in common) is famous for The Salad Bar, which sadly confuses many as it serves up the best steaks, chops and lasagne on campus. The form of salad comes in the form of coleslaw on the side.

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Small school , Big school pride

If I'm not wrong, Temasek Polytechnic (Or more endearingly called by the students as TP) has the smallest physical campus size as compared to other polytechnics but it is big on the school pride. Everyone who has studied there before will agree.

The campus has a semi-circle design and recently, there are additional cafes added to it such as Mcdonald, Toast Box.

It was a great experience getting my diploma in TP as it was a non-pretentious school with nice faculty members and the food there is excellent. There are 6 canteens and they are spread all over the school. Also, just at the back door lies Bedok reservoir so we have an awesome view of the reservoir during a clear windy day.

The crowd at the bus stop during peak hours is overwhelming (12pm,6pm)

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