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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Singapore Polytechnic was the first polytechnic in Singapore and was opened in 1954. It is now located at Dover Road and offers courses for 85 diploma and post-diploma courses in the Schools of Architecture and the Built Environment; Business; Chemical and Life Sciences; Communication, Arts and Social Sciences; Design; Digital Media and Infocomm Technology; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering; Singapore Maritime Academy and Professional and Adult Continuing Education Academy.


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Many many foodcourts+ an excellent library

I am not a student of SP, for the record. This year, I came to SP to attend a special programme which it offered, something about creating a sustainable environment. The instructors were all very engaging, and I found out that the various courses in that sector were actually very interesting. Now, let me spew the words of praise I have for the school.

Firstly, the environment is kind of cool, and there are just so many eating places here. My schoolmates and I were totally spoilt for choice. Also, the classrooms are very comfortable. We were brought to one of the labs during the programme and I have to say that it is kind of impressive, not even the typical science lab.

Lastly, I just have to commend the library. Although we could not borrow anything, the library was totally comfortable and had a nice collection of books, even some I have never seen before in a public library. Wow. Even though the programme has ended, I regularly come here to study as the fast food restaurants have cheaper food than outside. Also, this is one of the best places to study! :)

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Library+ the many foodcourts
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Maid employer course

Many years ago, when I needed to employ a maid, I was required to sign up for a course conducted by Singapore Polytechnic that taught me how to be a good employer for my foreign domestic worker.

The course name was "FDW-EOP Foreign Domestic Worker Employers' Orientation Programme". When I was referred to this course by my maid agency, I thought he had made a mistake, why would SP be giving such a course? But I was really able to find the course on the web site and signed up for the online version.

I could not remember what was really taught in the course but I knew that after attending the course, I needed to pass an examination before being qualified to employ a maid. I hope SP would consider me an alumni because I completed and passed a course conducted by them.

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(Updated: January 04, 2013)

An Experience that changed my life!

I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2003 with a Diploma in Mechatronics. In overall experience, i would say its freedom (Not too sure about now). Talking about studies, i would say its still up to individual's attitude, discipline & be responsible for yourself. This is what i learn from my 3 years in SP and it applies to our life after that too.

Why do I say so? That's because i am the one who always skips lesson but manage to graduate with good results. Meaning that you are responsible for yourself to be able to pass exams & graduate on-time. You need the attitude & discipline to make sure u meet your ultimate goals, just days before your papers, like i always do. The rest of the time you can slack, but when it come to work, DO IT!

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Navigation could be better, renovations could be lesser

I studied in Singapore Polytechnic from 2008 to 2011. On my very first day there, I was hopelessly lost. I would come to realize that being lost is like an initiation rite for every student who dare enter this labyrinth of a school.

Throughout my three years in SP, I’ve encountered countless students staring blankly at our campus map, trying to make sense of the maze of walkways and corridors they are in. It doesn’t help that many parts of the school are always undergoing renovation of some kind, which gleefully adds to the confusion. The landscaping of our main entrance has changed at least 3 times since I was there!

Having dwelled in the eastern part of the campus, my advice is if in doubt, always follow the giant yellow caterpillar masquerading as the main walkway. That should get you to someplace familiar, like the canteen or library. But if you’ve been lost in that darn place for half a day already, the only place you would wanna reach is the MRT station which, I’m sad to inform you, is one hell of a walk away.

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Where i discover myself

I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2006 and honestly, those three years were one of the best times of my life. Academics wise, my lecturers were like friends to all of us. We can go to them for about anything such as problems with assignments and tutorials or even for a drink at the foodcourt!

But to me, the one thing that really stood out during that three years was when i joined a CCA group. Being part of my faculty's students' club opened my eyes to many different experience and none more so when I was chosen to lead the club as it's president during my second year. I will never forget all the good and bad times that I went through with my committee members and the camaraderie and bond that were forged as a result. In fact, i found my true friends during these times and till today, our bond is still going on strong!

I could probably write an entire essay on my experience in Singapore Polytechnic but the gist of it was that it opened my world and somehow matured me as a result. Till today, I will still drop by my alma mater for a chat with my club's juniors or just enjoy a nice, cheap meal at our favourite foodcourt.

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Graduated in year 2008

Ever since I've graduated in 2008, I do get nostalgic whenever I hear people mention Singapore Polytechnic. I attained a diploma in Banking and Financial Services (Trading option), and it was really an enjoyable time. The difference between Singapore Polytechnic and its competitors is that - for my diploma, we actually have a special trading room where students get to participate in trading simulation as though in the real marketplace.

I felt that with such training facilities in place, it really is a good training ground and gears the students to be ahead of competition. Even though the students may not work in the relevant field in future, it can be quite a pleasant experience.

Moreover, I enjoyed the tutorials very much as I felt that it was an engaging session with the lecturers and getting to know them better personally. The lecturers are friendly and do share industry experience with us, thus allowing us to better manage our expectations and knowing what jobs are out there before graduation.

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Huge old school but never lacking in substance

I've to say that I'm not a student from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) although I do have certain classes in Block 6 of the SP faculty.

Pardon me for not knowing the block name but as you walk from the Dover MRT entrance to Block 6, you'll go through a food court selling a wide variety of food at affordable prices. Burger King, Teppanyaki, Western, Chinese, Malay, Indian cuisine they have it all! While the prices aren't atrociously cheap, they are priced to be well affordable for students. I personally like the Teppanyaki the most for nothing beats having piping hot food served (with black pepper sauce for me) on a hot plate for about $5.

Location of SP might lean towards the western part of Singapore but it being situated next to Dover MRT station makes up for the inconvenience for people residing in the North or East. While the school compound is big, ample signs have been put up for you to find your way around, like I've did the first time round.

Also, a plus point for drivers, the parking there seemed to be free, at least I usually park free without hassle during the evenings when I've to attend class. Compared to other polytechnic which I knew of (hint hint - it's quite near to SP), they have built ERP parking and if you're caught parking at the free lots without a valid parking label, they will issue you with a warning or even clamp your car.

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One word: FOOD

Let me be the first to admit that one reason why I wanted to go to Singapore Polytechnic was because of the existence of food courts, restaurants and cafes that are absent in every other polytechnic! It's a stupid reason, I know, but hey, I think to have good food in a school is really important, HAHA. BUT anyway, I'm in Nanyang Polytechnic, and I have been bored of most of the food already since towards the end of last year...

Well, I am not a student of SP, so I wouldn't be able to give an in-depth review of the facilities and all, but I guess the only complaint would be that the school is huge, and one can literally get lost inside if they are not familiar with the campus.

I'd definitely drop by SP to meet a friend studying there, because I'd want McCafe or Starbucks at student price! If only NYP had these cafes, then my life there would be complete, HEH. Oops, dreaming again!

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(Updated: November 13, 2012)

Construction everywhere

Who says that it is the institution’s recognition that attracts most of the people? For me it is slightly different. The first thing that I like about Singapore Polytechnic is probably the food. There is a large range of food and its not missing out on the fast food as well. KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway and Starbucks; yes you name them, with prices cheaper than the outside it is not hard to see fellow Ngee Ann Polytechnic students coming by to Singapore Polytechnic to just hang out around Food Court 5.

Straying off from the topic of food, everywhere around the campus of Singapore Polytechnic you can see renovations almost everywhere. Once they’re done with one, they continue on with another! When will the construction ever end?

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Best place for food!

Before I entered Singapore Polytechnic, I use to wonder what makes Singapore Polytechnic different from the other polytechnics? Academic asides, aren’t they all the same? Till I finally entered this campus and I realized this place is not just a campus, but also a Gourmet Heaven!!

From Food Court 1 to Food Court 6, there isn't a lack of delicious food. I’ve seen many complimenting the Economical rice in FC2, the Japanese cuisine in FC3, Malay Food in FC4, fast-food branches in FC5 and not forgetting the Chicken Rice in FC6! But no one has talked about the baked rice in FC1!

It is my favourite baked rice here! It comes in 3 different sauces, Cream, Tomato and Curry. Their cream sauce may not be up-to-standard at times, but the delicious and homemade tomato and curry sauce definitely makes up for it! The tomato sauce is unlike the usual sour-ish sauce you get in restaurants. It is slightly sweet-tasting and goes very well with the rice. The curry sauce is thick and rich and it tastes like home-cooked food! They also give a generous amount of mozzarella cheese to give a cheesy touch to it^^ The waiting time is about 5 minutes since they have to bake the cheese, but its savouring taste is all worth the wait!!

It’s cheap, its filling, and most importantly, it’s delicious! Definitely a good place to get good food!

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