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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

Republic Polytechnic was set up on 1 August 2002 and is located in Woodlands, offering diploma courses in Infocomm, Engineering, Applied Science, Technology for the Arts, Sports, Health & Leisure, Events and Hospitality, Enterprise, and Communication.


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Fully air-conditioned and healthy food in RP!

I am currently a year 1 in Republic Polytechnic and initially I came here because I have not much choices from other polytechnics already. I must say that I did not regret coming here for the school's awesome facilities and its education system.

Republic Polytechnic, also known as RP, is so called known for being fully air-conditioned and I truly feel blessed for this. That feeling when you finally step into school after walking the long distance from Woodlands MRT station and by the big and long field. It is just indescribably 'shiok'. RP also has a lot of toilets at every single floors for every facility or class buildings we have, which is also really convenient for us students and teachers.

Apart from that, RP has quite some food choices for you to make. They have 3 food courts and a few cafes. RP is also open to public, so anybody can come to dine in.

However, as compared to other polytechnics, RP would be the one with the least food choices. We only have one fast food restaurant, Subway, while others have McDonalds, KFC and more. That's the only thing I don't really like about RP, but at least I can stay healthier this way!

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

The goods and bads

To be honest, Republic Poly was not the poly I wanted to be in. I didn't even listed it as one of the choices.

"Can anyone be this unlucky?", that was what my mind said.
Ended up being here for almost 3 years now..
Mm.. I guess the days spent here were not as bad as I thought it would be. As time passes by, I started to see the good side of here as compared to other polytechnics. The way they teach are very different.
NO LECTURES. Pretty tempting huh.
I fall asleep in classes quite often(proud to be honest), let alone class with lectures. Probably be unbearable for me. :p

Oh did I mention we have presentations here everyday? Well but if you're lucky enough to get a facilitator that doesn't need that, then you wouldn't need to. You get lucky quite often here! Just saying.

Enough of the good points. Let me entertain you with some bad ones. What I am currently struggling with right now is my FYP aka Final Year Project. Maybe it's because of the course that I'm in that makes everything seem harder. Being in Business Information Systems means having to do CODES.

And this particular creature here is my worst enemy EVER. If that's not stressing enough, there are tests I have to study for and homework to do every day after lesson. Time is sooooo tight. Like rush hour.

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The only fully air-conditioned polytechnic in Singapore

I’ve always been hearing people say, “nah, Republic Poly aint a good school. Well, I don’t think so!

I'm a glutton and what attracts me in RP was their Subway! I love Subway and in RP, its cheap! So cheap that you find having subway out of RP is so not worthwhile. Though sometimes, you just can't resist the delicious subway while you're shopping in Bugis or any other shopping mall.

I'm always proud of RP. You must be wondering WHY?!
- It’s one stop away from MRT station. It is just so near!
- You can eat while studying in our library! We do it this way. We can study in a quiet place and have our lunch there too! I guess my principal's a glutton too, that's why there's reel room.
- It's air conditioned even when you're in the toilet! No fear for perspiration!

Well, as much as I am proud of RP, I think it will be a good place for you guys to study in!

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Air conditioning, Subway
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Republic Poly - Best choice I ever made

Poly was truly the turning point of my life, where I blossomed from a quiet, shy girl into who I am today. People used to be intimidated by my reserved demeanor, but not my classmates from Poly. They never gave up trying to talk to me, and soon, I became more extroverted than I could ever dream of.

Republic Poly. That’s where I went. Ah, those were the days. Free of exams, we were graded daily. Initially, the daily presentations were a pain for an introvert like myself, and my parents had to put up with my incessant grousing about the ‘lousy and unconventional’ school system.

However, the system started to grow on me and now, I’m a proud alumni of Republic Poly.

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