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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

Tampines Polyclinic specializes in family medicine, provides seamless, patient-centered and preventive healthcare that is affordable and accessible to all.


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Affordable quality healthcare

Tampines polyclinic brings efficient and effective healthcare to the heartlanders living in the eastern side of the island.

Waiting times might be long at times due to the high volume of patients that visit the polyclinic, however, measures have been put in place to reduce the waiting times. Healthcare is essential to residents and Tampines polyclinic should be applauded for bringing it to residents at an affordable rate, ensuring that no residents are denied from it. The staff and nurses are all very friendly and are always willing to assist, especially the elderly who may be confused by the procedures such as registration.

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Acceptable services provided but long waiting time

Tampines Polyclinic, being part of the Singhealth group, charges extremely low prices for consultation and medication (~$15 for locals compared to ~$50 at GPs). However, for paying less, you'll have to endure with the wait. While the interior of the building is cooling with all the fans around, the wait is still hard to endure, especially when you're sick!

I recall there was this once where I went to Tampines Polyclinic for the afternoon consultation session. The queue was so long (no queue numbers were given yet since it's still lunch hours) and I estimate a 50 people in front of me easily. Got fed up and went to Raffles Medical at Tampines One instead where I leave the clinic in less than 45 minutes.

The location of the Tampines Polyclinic is within walking distance from the MRT station though I probably wouldn't see a good reason to be here if you've to take the train from other places here since the Singhealth group offers a polyclinic in almost every residential estate.

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Subsidized pricing, like any other Polyclinics
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Short waiting time

Being in the east, I have been going to Tampines Polyclinic all my life. Its near proximity to people living in Tampines other estates such as Simei makes it popular for residents in that area. The waiting time is not too long, less than an hour till I get to see the doctor which is comparable to my normal General Practitioner. Therefore despite claims saying that public healthcare is inefficient and slow, I am happy to say that this is not true.

After I see the doctor, everything else is smooth sailing taking less than an half an hour to collect my medicine, MC and pay for my medical fees. The same length of waiting time as a normal GP and at a fraction of a price, I say that Tampines Polyclinic is definitely efficient and the staff are always very pleasant.

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