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Listing created by Iswariya on October 20, 2012    

Yishun Polyclinic was set up to serve the needs to the residents in Yishun. 


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You shall wait and wait and wait

The first thought which comes to mind when one first step in the single storey building was: "How can there be so many people fitted in this small box?!" Yes, the place is packed with people be it just registering for a consultation or queuing up to be billed. There's just so many people of all ages in that seemingly small square box. The reason why I kept emphasizing it to be a small box was that it really resembles a short carton from the outside but when it comes to the inside its definitely a changed world.

For residents of Yishun, one would find it easily accessible from the back of the interchange. However, for those who have traveled from afar, this place is doubtlessly out of the way and far for the elderly.

One thing you really need to be mentally prepared when you are there to consult the doctor would be to queue. First off, you have to queue to register your NRIC and take a number for the next station. Next, after you have finally wait for your turn for the registration station, you are to take another number and wait for two hours for your turn. At that time, you are free to leave the premises and go to the nearby shopping mall or market to have your meal. Next, when you return and your turn arrives, you consult the doctor for 10 minutes tops and you are to go to the pharmacy and take another number so you can collect your prescribed medications. Thereafter, you are to go back to lobby one where you did your registration and pay your bills.
This process last about 3 - 4 hours in the morning.

Despite of the long waiting time, one huge payoff did come out from this: economical medical bills. Instead of paying the usual $40+ in a family clinic, you only have to pay $10+! That includes the prescriptions.

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Out of place

Yishun Polyclinic is rather out of place, having only 2 buses- 863 and 858(if I'm not wrong) going towards that direction, right beside Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Although it is of walkable distance, it may not be as convenient for the elderly as the distance is rather far from the MRT.

The polyclinic is also rather small, hence is always filled albeit having 2 levels and 3-4 doctors at once. Having to walk quite a distance to get from the reception up to the doctor and back down to the pharmacy, it is rather inconvenient as well. Furthermore, the wait is rather long and the TV does not cater to all. At the point of time that I was there, they played a channel5 debate which was boring.

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Good affordable healthcare

The new Yishun Polyclinic is a really flat, nondescript building near the new Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and fortunately located much closer to Yishun MRT.

It's new, and looks it, which is good. I visited on a Thursday morning - a non-peak day but it was bustling. Upon registration and a 20-minute wait for a queue number, I'd to wait for another 2.5 hours for my turn to see the doctor. What I REALLY appreciate though, is that they give patients an estimated waiting time. This allowed me to decide that I'd more than enough time to walk over to McDonald's at NorthPoint for breakfast while waiting for my turn.

Service is generally alright. I think for subsidised healthcare, it's actually very good. You get the sense that all the polyclinic staff want to clear each case as quickly as possible. Perhaps especially more so as by the time it was my turn, they were almost closing for lunch time. This means they're not the most attentive staff. But with the number of patients they have to handle each day, it's no wonder and we would also be glad if they're efficient, which I felt they were. They were mostly also friendly and polite.

The cost was also reasonable. I had visited with regard to some skin problems, and the cost of (adult) consultation, 2 creams plus one oral medication came up to just about $20.

I only think that directions and signposts could be improved a little. I found it a tad confusing navigating around from one waiting area to another, especially with the hustle and bustle but I think it must be a lot worse for the elderly folk who might have some trouble reading the signs. Fortunately, there are staff situated around to answer questions and to guide lost patients e.g. help with scanning bar codes for payment.

Overall, I think as long as you go expecting to wait really long and are ready for the wait, it's generally a positive experience.

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